The Bob Murphy Show

The Bob Murphy Show

The Bob Murphy Show features in-depth interviews and solo analysis by Bob Murphy. Much of the content relates to economics in the tradition of the Austrian School, as well as libertarian political theory, but the show covers a broad range of topics.

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Scott Sumner on Why the Bernanke Fed Was Too Tight

06/11/2021Mises Media

Scott Sumner explains why interest rates and even monetary aggregates are not good indicators of the stance of monetary policy, whereas NGDP growth is much better.

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"What Did Bob Learn?" Part 2 of 3

06/01/2021Mises Media

Bob continues his 3-part series explaining areas where his views have changed. In this episode, he covers government debt, the Fed being a private corporation, whether nice guys finish last, and mainstream utility theory.

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"What Did Bob Learn?" Part 1 of 3

05/25/2021Mises Media

Bob starts a 3-part series explaining areas where his views have changed. In this episode, he covers trade deficits, justice vs. mercy, the 2000 election, WMDs in Iraq, and Arrow’s Theorem.

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Vijay Boyapati Explains Why He Was Right About Inflation in 2010 and Bitcoin in 2018

Tags InflationBusiness Cycles
05/18/2021Mises Media

 Vijay Boyapati explains why other Austrians should have listened to him in 2010 when he warned that their inflation predictions were wrong. 

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Jeff Herbener and Bob Murphy Discuss the Pure Time Preference Theory of Interest

Tags Capital and Interest Theory

At the 2021 AERC, Jeff Herbener presented a defense of the pure time preference theory of interest, and mentioned Bob’s critique of it. This episode is a very informative discussion of their views.

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Robert Murphy on History and New Developments in Austrian Interest Theory

Tags Capital and Interest Theory
05/11/2021Mises Media

Bob gives a guest lecture for Jonathan Newman’s MA course for the Mises Institute, on the history of, and new developments in, the pure time preference theory of interest.

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Stephan Livera Interviews Bob Murphy on the Economics of Bitcoin

04/27/2021Mises Media

Bob Murphy and Stephan Livera discuss the economics of Bitcoin from an Austrian perspective.

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Scott Horton on Osama Bin Laden's Strategy to Take Down the US

04/21/2021Mises Media

Scott Horton and Bob largely focus on Osama Bin Laden's strategy for drawing the U.S. into unwinnable wars. They also discuss the role of Israel in U.S. foreign policy.

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How a Voluntary Society Would Handle Blockades and Immigration

04/20/2021Mises Media

Bob elaborates on two ideas he had when he wrote his novel "Minerva" in grad school.

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Walter Block Explains His Entry into Libertarianism and His View of the Future

Tags Free MarketsAustrian Economics Overview
04/15/2021Mises Media

Walter Block is a giant in the libertarian movement. He explains how he discovered this philosophy and why it will be difficult to advance liberty.

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