The Bob Murphy Show

The Bob Murphy Show

The Bob Murphy Show features in-depth interviews and solo analysis by Bob Murphy. Much of the content relates to economics in the tradition of the Austrian School, as well as libertarian political theory, but the show covers a broad range of topics.

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Patrick Newman on Cronyism in Early US History

12/01/2021Mises Media

Patrick Newman talks to Bob about Rothbard's approach to history, whether the US revolution was libertarian, and the proper way to interpret Andrew Jackson.

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Critiquing an MMT TED Talk

10/13/2021Mises Media

Bob provides a running refutation of Stephanie Kelton's recent TED talk on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

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COMMON SENSE: The Case for an Independent Texas

10/05/2021Mises Media

Bob covers some of the key points in his new pamphlet on restoring the Republic of Texas.

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Joe Salerno versus Paul Krugman on Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Tags Monetary PolicyOther Schools of Thought

Using a recent Paul Krugman column as the jumping off point, the Mises Institute Academic Vice President Joe Salerno explains and defends Austrian business cycle theory.

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Mark Spitznagel Teaches the Economists How to Invest

Tags Book ReviewsCalculation and Knowledge
09/14/2021Mises Media

Bob reviews Mark Spitznagel's latest book, Safe Haven: Investing for Financial Storms, on which he was a consultant.

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The "Nixon Shock" Was Only the Final Nail in the Coffin of the Gold Dollar

08/26/2021Mises Media

Bob gives a brief history of money in the United States, explaining that the dollar was much “harder” in, say, 1810 than it was in 1910.

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M. Night Shyamalan Is Giving You Permission to Be a Superhero

08/12/2021Mises Media

Bob reviews the "Unbreakable" movie trilogy, arguing that M. Night Shyamalan knows we need to awaken the superheroes among us. They might not even know who they are—yet.

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Bob Murphy Critiques Curtis Yarvin's Explanation of Inflation

08/06/2021Mises Media

In a May 2021 essay, Curtis Yarvin (a.k.a. Mencius Moldbug) argues that the American economy runs on an inflation machine.

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Per Bylund on the Importance of the Austrian School

Tags Austrian Economics Overview
08/05/2021Mises Media

Per Bylund discusses three of his current book projects, all touching on various aspects of the Austrian School and its continued importance.

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"They Said What?!" John Lennon edition

08/05/2021Mises Media

Bob unveils a new recurring series, in which he gives the context of infamous quotations.

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