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Dave Smith is a stand-up comedian, and host of Part Of The Problem. His website is

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Comedy vs. the State

Media and Culture

10/21/2020The Austrian
Nobody in popular culture challenges the official narratives with humor and derision quite like comic Dave Smith.
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Radio Rothbard with Comic Dave Smith

Big GovernmentBiographiesMedia and CulturePolitical Theory

09/11/2020Mises Media
This show features a personal and revealing interview of Comic Dave Smith by Jeff Deist. It shows a side of Dave you haven't seen before—so don't miss it.
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Jeff Deist on "Part of the Problem"

04/15/2020Power & Market
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Dave Smith One-on-One with Jeff Deist

10/24/2019Power & Market
Jeff Deist and Dave Smith discuss D.C., Ancapistan, the future of religion in western society, and the Federal Reserve. Read More

The Absurdity of the State

Bureaucracy and RegulationFree MarketsGlobal Economy

07/20/2019Mises Media
Watch comedian Dave Smith's set at Mises University.
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