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Bryan Caplan is a professor of economics at George Mason University and author of the Anarchist Theory FAQ and The Myth of the Rational Voter (Princeton University Press, 2007).

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Bryan Caplan Critiques Jeff Deist on Decentralization

Decentralization and Secession


Yes, democracies give leaders strong incentives to adopt popular policies. But if you study public opinion, you’ll discover that neither libertarian nor wealth-creating policies are very popular.

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Probability and the Synthetic A Priori: A Reply to Block

Philosophy and Methodology

08/07/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Contrary to Block, the synthetic a priori has little to do with our dispute. My critique of the Austrians is not that their methods are “unscientific,” but that their most distinctive positions are false or overstated.


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Pictures of the Socialistic Future

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingInterventionismPolitical Theory

07/14/2010Mises Media
Jeffrey Tucker interviews Bryan Caplan, professor of economics at George Mason University. Recorded 13 July 2010. [22:39]
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The Writing on the Wall

The Police StateWorld HistoryOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

06/21/2010Mises Daily Articles
Decades before the socialists gained power, Eugen Richter saw the writing on the wall. The great tragedy of the 20th century is that the world had to learn about totalitarian socialism from bitter experience, instead of Richter's inspired novel. Many failed to see the truth until the Berlin Wall...
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