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Human Action Part Four with Dr. Joe Salerno

2 hours agoAudio/Video
If you've wanted to read Human Action, this is your opportunity to hear it explained by great economists and scholars!

Japan’s Productivity Has Been Slashed By Government Meddling, Not Demographics

Blog2 hours ago

The popular narrative is that demographics are driving Japan's declining worker productivity. But the real culprit is government regulations and a lack of entrepreneurship.

End the Shutdown


The lasting and far-reaching harms caused by this authoritarian precedent far outweigh those caused by the COVID-19 virus. The American people must decide for themselves how and when to reopen society and return to their daily lives.

Capital Accumulation: The Way to Increase Wages

Blog5 hours ago

Real higher wages can't be created with a government fiat. Worker productivity must first be increased through greater investment.

Equality and Levelling Down

Blog5 hours ago

Egalitarians think that equality has intrinsic value: they advocate it for its own sake, not just to forestall bad consequences. But why is a situation in which some in it have been made better off, and none worse off, worse than one of equality?

The Fed Is Running Out of Bubbles to Create

Blog10 hours ago

With each passing recession, the Fed finds it harder to refuel the last bubble, but the market moves on to the new bubble as the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low.

How To Make Hand Sanitizer Reappear on Store Shelves

11 hours agoPower & Market

Prices act as signals to entrepreneurs of what value society is placing on particular resources at any given time. If prices aren't allowed to function, goods won't be delivered where they are needed most.

Do the Textbooks Get Money and Banking Backwards?


Over the years a chorus of critics has alleged that the textbook view of how a central banks buys government debt in "open market operations" is backwards. They argue that in reality commercial banks take the lead in making loans without regard to their reserves.

How Easy Money Is Increasing the Devastation of the COVID-19 Panic


Central banks have created a brittle economy without real savings and without much room to maneuver. Central banks now want more of the same in a bid to fix what they broke.



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