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There Is No Chinese Economic Miracle

Blog6 hours ago

In most economies, inventories are valued at market prices, while in China they are valued by the authorities and adjusted later. This is just one of many ways China manipulates GDP data.


The Problem of Measuring the Utility Gained from Taxes

Blog6 hours ago

Interpersonal utility can't be measured. After all, if you can't measure a single person's utility, it makes no sense at all to measure one person's utility against that of another. 

Thanks to Lockdowns, American Big Cities May Not Be Worth the Trouble Anymore

Blog11 hours ago

Without the culture, the life, the hum, and the energy of the city, without the shopping and walks, the theater or a ball game, city life now has all of the costs and none of the comforts.

The Wisdom of Walter Williams


"My definition of social justice: I keep what I earn and you keep what you earn. Do you disagree?...how much of what I earn belongs to you—and why?"

How Walter Williams Helped Me Lose a Job


Walter Williams believed free markets provided the best way for humans—and especially people born on lower rungs of the economic ladder—to advance materially and in other ways, too.

Joe Biden Wants a Huge New Tax on Gun Owners


Biden has proposed a new $200 tax on rifles and magazines, with a $10,000 fine for noncompliance.  Registration involves filling out a thirteen-page form, with fingerprints and a photograph of yourself.

Per Bylund on The Seen, the Unseen, and the Unrealized

12/03/2020Mises Media

Dr. Bylund and Jeff Deist discuss Covid and government responses against the backdrop of ripple effects, Say's law, "market failure," and the inability of bureaucrats to make rational tradeoffs.

Slavery: The "Broken Window" of American Economic History


The "New Historians" can identify the ostensible economic prowess of slavery, but they have ignored the many unseen costs imposed by slave economies.

New Resolutions for a New Presidential Term


"Unwinding an illiberal government…the principle that should guide the process is: No special privilege, no trading of special privileges."



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