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In Jamaica, the Tourists Party On behind High Walls and Locked Gates

Blog3 hours ago

High time preferences also mean high times in a party atmosphere. When Jamaica embraced socialism many decades ago, it wasn't supposed to come to this.


The Student Murders in Idaho Highlight the Unimpressive Police Record on Violent Crime

Blog3 hours ago

Like the police in similar communities, the Moscow, Idaho Police have long focused on petty drug offenses while more serious violent crime and property crime receives far less attention.

Biden's Defense Plan: Limitless Global Meddling

5 hours agoMises Media

Ryan and Zack take a look at the Biden Administration's new National Security Strategy.

As the Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Congress Wants to Spend Even More on "Defense"


America's military technocrats (a.k.a. "generals") specialize in losing wars and also losing your money. Naturally, Congress wants to give them even more taxpayer cash.

Born on the Tenth of January


Thomas Paine, whose fiery essay "Common Sense" made a case for the American Revolution, is a much-neglected American founder.

The Ongoing Covid Deceptions: How Ruling Elites Lied about Masks and Mask Mandates


During the worst days of the covid lockdowns and mandates, Americans were told that wearing masks was a matter of life and death. However, those giving the orders didn't believe what they were saying.

"Classical Liberalism" Will Never Satisfy the Left


Mises and Hayek used "classical liberal” to distinguish themselves from the Left. Today the term is used primarily to appease the Left.

Do Falling Prices Cause or Predict a Recession?


An upcoming recession likely will lead to falling asset prices. But these price decreases do not cause recessions, but rather are a result of them.

Fiat and Gold: Two Fixes for a Broken US Monetary Base

The US monetary system is out of sorts and out of control. The authors show a path back from the inflation brink to monetary soundness.



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