30-Year Mortgages Are Still a Sweet Deal—For People who Already Have Them


Government intervened into home mortgages to subsidize home buyers and make home ownership more "affordable." As with most interventions, the results have backfired as home prices and mortgage rates skyrocket.

Socialism vs. Economic Freedom

12/05/2023Mises Daily Articles

The meaning of economic freedom is this: that the individual is in a position to choose the way in which he wants to integrate himself into the totality of society.

Understanding Our Disharmony


Ostensibly to combat "disunity," political elites have called for Americans to unite over the "public good." However, the policies these elites want to put into place are the very cause of disharmonies in the first place.

Paul Krugman Blames Economic Pessimism on Partisanship. He’s Wrong.


Paul Krugman has an easy answer for those that ask why people are pessimistic about the economy: the dastardly Republicans have fooled everyone. There are good reasons for the pessimism that we shouldn’t ignore, however.

How Not to Desocialize: Argentina Edition


While Argentina president-elect Javier Milei plans to privatize state-owned enterprises, there is a right way and a wrong way to privatize these entities. Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe show the way.

All-Time Highs!

12/02/2023Mises Media

Mark explains why the recent "all-time highs"—even "new highs"—are an ambiguous signal about the future. 

Ezra Klein's Progressivism Cannot Build Anything Socially Useful


Ezra Klein of the New York Times despairs of government’s impotence in building vast projects from energy grids to high-speed railways. He believes granting government absolute power is the answer.



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