Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in...Nine Weeks


How did he do it? Easy: he cut a host of central government agency budgets by 50% while slashing crony contracts and activist handouts.


The Worst Argument Against Secession: "We Tried It Before"


By the logic of "we tried it before," the Soviet victory over Lithuania in 1953 meant that the question of independence was settled forever, and that Irish secession was forever verboten after the Easter Rebellion failed. 

Anti-Wild Cards

02/24/2024Mises Media

What will the next wild card be? Mark looks back at some historical examples.

Biblical Critical Theory Is Not Biblical. It’s Watered-Down Marxism


Christianity Today and other Christian publications are touting a book that claims to be based upon “biblical critical theory.” It’s yet another version of Marxism that is neither critical nor biblical. It’s just more Marxism.

The Tyranny of the 1964 Civil Rights Act


While “wokeness” seems to be a new phenomenon, the problems are tied to a sixty-year-old “landmark” law: the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This law, unfortunately, promotes government tyranny in the name of freedom.

Does Libertarianism Require Support for Open Borders?

02/23/2024Mises Media

Dave Smith makes the Rothbardian/Hoppean case for government restriction on immigration, arguing that it's a second-best solution given the undeniable fact of government control of "public" property.

US States Have a Long History of Defaulting


As the federal government's debt approaches $35 trillion, default one way or another is inevitable. Many US states already have used that method to eliminate their debts.

Misunderstanding Both Lincoln and Basic Economics


Princeton “historian” Allen C. Guelzo’s newest hagiography of Abraham Lincoln focuses on Lincoln’s supposed love affair with commerce, albeit “commerce” based upon protectionism and government tariffs. As David Gordon notes, Guelzo has a problem getting his economic history correct.

Hubris Runs Rampant at the Fed


In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Fed chairman Jerome Powell gave assurances that the US banking system is sound. Ben Bernanke also claimed almost twenty years ago that real estate markets were not overextended. The hubris must be in the water at the Eccles Building.



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