NATO Plans to Rip Off Americans Even More as Sweden and Finland Set to Join


The Europeans are welcome to keep NATO going if they like. But the time has come for the United States to exit.


Inflation, War, and Oil: How Today's Crises Are Rehashing the 1970s


Persistently loose monetary policies always have negative growth and distributional effects that impair political stability. In extreme cases, there are civil wars and armed conflicts between countries.

How States Are Fighting the Fed with JP Cortez

05/19/2022Mises Media

Tho Bishop and JP Cortez discuss the ongoing legislative battles over money at the state level.

Massive State Economic Intervention Has Led to This Point


Everything from huge Keynesian "stimulus" policies to the war in Ukraine is dovetailing in a bout of stagflation: the simultaneous growth of inflation and unemployment.

Remembering Henry Hazlitt

05/19/2022Mises Daily Articles

Hazlitt popularized sound economic thinking, was a critic of Keynes, and contributed to ethical moral philosophy. Not bad for a poor fatherless boy and college dropout.

Alex Pollock Examines Central Bank Digital Currencies

05/19/2022Power & Market

In this video panel on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), Mises Institute Senior Fellow Alex Pollock moderates a discussion on what CBDCs could mean for the banking sector and the monetary system overall.

It Just Might Be Time to Listen to the Austrians


The latest Keynesian money-printing and spending schemes are blowing up. It is time to hear what the Austrians have to say.

Understanding Russia's War: The Strange Philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin


Trying to interpret the actions of Vladimir Putin or politics in Russia using Western narratives is likely to end in failure.

It's Time for America to Ditch NATO

05/18/2022Mises Media

Ryan McMaken and Zachary Yost discuss NATO, Turkey, Russia, and why the USA needs to leave it all behind.



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