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1789: The Electoral College Meets for the First Time

Blog3 hours ago

The Federalists further solidified their victory with the selection of the vice president in the electoral college. They double-crossed John Hancock, instead choosing John Adams who wanted maximum power for the new executive branch. 


Recession and Recovery: W.H. Hutt’s View

Blog6 hours ago

What happens during a depression? Should we expect it to end, or can an economy remain stuck at the bottom?

Private Investment Is the Answer to Declining Postindustrial Towns

Blog11 hours ago

Many people want the state to take the lead in revitalizing run-down towns. How does this make sense, when it is private industry that conceived these towns in the first place?

Cuba: The Dictatorship and the "Blockade" Lie


All the propaganda that whitewashes the Cuban dictatorship is based on two lies: the nonexistent “blockade” and the allegedly excellent “public health.”

European Unification as the New Frontier of Collectivism

07/28/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies

Present-day prophets of a united Europe share with past conquerors like Napoleon and Hitler a strong preference for a society directed, more or less violently, by a small political elite. All in the name of "eternal peace." 

Shrinkflation, Inflation’s Sneaky Cousin, Is on the Rise


We've all hear the reports of inflation by now, but what about the shrinkflation going on?

The Jan. 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us


Worse than this miscarriage of justice is the despicable attempt by the prosecutor in the case to label Hodgkins – who has no criminal record and was accused of no violent crime – a “terrorist.”

Why Capital Goods Are the Key to Economic Progress

07/27/2021Mises Daily Articles

Capital goods become available thanks to secure private property rights, and a class of people willing to save and invest. Without this, there can be no great progress in the standard of living. But, it all takes time. 

Mark Spitznagel: At What Price Safety?

07/27/2021Power & Market

The famed investor asks how much we should pay to keep ourselves safe.



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