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Trump's Payroll Tax Order Is Good Politics, but Doesn't Offer Much Tax Relief

Blog7 hours ago

Trump's executive order providing a short deferment on payroll taxes is not really a tax cut. But many voters may perceive it as one.

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Are Negative Rates a Natural Historical Development?

Blog8 hours ago

Central bankers are saying two things at once. Frist, they say that negative interest rates are a natural historical development. But then they say negative rates are an essential tool central banks are using to manipulate the economy.

Hunter Hastings on How Entrepreneurs Beat the State

08/09/2020Power & Market

Society thrives when individuals pursue entrepreneurial creativity. Entrepreneurs resolve social maladjustment.

Calculating GDP Correctly


There are many reasons we should be skeptical of the GDP statistic. But it is nonetheless important to understand how it is calculated.

Kamala Harris Is Basically Obama-Clinton 2.0, but Worse

08/11/2020Power & Market

No doubt, many of Harris's detractors will call her radical or a tool of the far left. The reality is actually far more alarming.

The Misplaced Fear of "Monopoly"


The political entrepreneur succeeds by using the implicit violence of government to cripple his competitors and harm consumers. The market entrepreneur, on the other hand, makes his fortune by providing consumers with products they need at prices they can afford.

Mises on MMT, Seventy Years Ago

08/11/2020Power & Market

Everything old is new again, and Mises could be describing the thoughts of an MMTer today.

Why We Need Entrpreneurs and Market Prices for a Healthy Economy


We need both prices and entrepreneurs to have a functioning and prosperous marketplace. Under socialism, though, we have none of the above.

Why Chicago's Mayor Blames Her City's Murders on Wisconsin and Indiana


Although it's easier to buy guns in Indiana and Wisconsin than in Chicago, homicide rates are lower in those states than in either Illinois or Chicago.



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