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The "Old" vs. the "New" Liberalism

Blog10 hours ago

The enemies of the system of free enterprise paid liberalism an unintended compliment when they applied the name "liberal" to their own creed, historically the opposite of what liberalism stood for from the start.

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Stocks Always Go up. Until They Don't.


When confidence is extreme, there's no scrutiny. There's always a "this time it's different" mindset, the belief that anything is possible.

How Government Regulations Make Housing Unaffordable

The story of how housing became so unaffordable for so many is a tragic one. But this is a story of our own making, thanks to decades of misguided government regulations.

How the Left Exploits Antiracism to Attack Capitalism


The forces of anticapitalism have long latched on to whatever best suits them for pushing their agenda. Whatever the latest injustice may be—from a polluted environment to poverty to racism—the solution is always the end of capitalism.

Mises on the Velocity of Circulation


In this short essay recently found in the Mises Institute Archives, Mises goes over the basics of monetary theory and shows why the concept of velocity of circulation is useless for understanding changes in the purchasing power of the monetary unit.

Will Economics Fall to Politics?

07/07/2020Power & Market

The pressure to politicize every aspect of academia will not spare economics, and why would it? A society willing to topple statues won't worry about pulling down a body of knowledge, especially one characterized by the Left as a political program rather than an actual social science. 

The Dangers Posed by State-Controlled Digital Currency


If we choose to break the state monopoly of money and allow private digital currencies to compete, a myriad of different solutions will emerge to serve a myriad of different needs.

What Germany Must Do for a Speedy Recovery


The German "stimulus" package does nothing to actually stimulate true economic growth. If Germany policymakers were smart, they'd be cutting taxes and spending, while abolishing regulations.

Mises on Secession

07/06/2020Mises Daily Articles

If Mises stopped short of affirming the full right of individual secession, it was only because of what he regarded as technical obstacles.



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