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History of Science: Whiggism Gone Wild

4 hours agoMises Daily Articles
Acton says the muse of the historian is Rhadamanthus , the avenger of innocent blood: "The historian must be a judge, and a hanging judge at that, to right the wrongs of history."
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"Idle Resources" Are Problems Caused by the Central Bank

Blog7 hours ago

It is not possible to replace productive credit by means of the easy monetary policies of the central bank. If this could have been done, then the world would have already ended poverty. 

Who Will Build the Roads? Anyone Who Stands to Benefit from Them.


The appropriate question is not “Who will build the roads?” but rather “Who will pay for them without taxation?” History suggests the answer is "lots of people" and the "public goods" theory is wrong.

The Weak Jobs Report Shows the Failure of Keynesian Policies


We can see that these massive trillion-dollar stimulus programs generate a virtually nonexistent long-term positive impact, just a short-term bounce that lasts less than a quarter.

Legalized Plunder Has Been Supercharged in America


Bastiat pointed out that no citizen could do what the government does without being charged with a crime. 

The End of the Abe Administration—The End of Abenomics? Books on Past and Present in the Japanese Political Economy

10/15/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

From the "lost decade" to today's conflicts with China, Japan's experience can help us understand much about geopolitics and political economy. 

Why Did Google Ads Ban LewRockwell.com?


Google says it can only tolerate "accurate" information and has banned LewRockwell.com from its advertising program. This position only makes sense if one makes some faulty assumptions about how information is spread. 

How the Fed's Easy Money Spurred Today's Financial Frenzies


It was government policies that kick-started the engine of financial innovation, wrongly blamed by many in the press and left-leaning academia for this increased economic instability.

Review: Austrian Economics in Contemporary Business Applications

10/14/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

The author illustrate how Austrian ideas—value subjectivity, consumer sovereignty, capital allocation, entrepreneurship, etc.—can be useful “to practical management problems” in teaching and consulting. 



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