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Is Rawls Stupid? A Lesson in Close Reading

1 hour agoFriday Philosophy
I want to use an argument someone directed against Rawls to illustrate a basic principle of how we should read texts.

The United States Has Declared Defeat in Two More Wars

Blog2 hours ago

Now that the average American voter is barely paying attention—and that the US is facing an economic crisis and weak recovery—it has become politically expedient to move further toward wrapping up a couple more lost wars. 

Are Monarchies Better for Economic Growth? Here's What the Empirical Evidence Says.

Blog6 hours ago

The evidence suggests that monarchies—especially small ones—are more peaceful, stable, and protective of private property than their republican neighbors. 

12 Myths Fueling Government Overreach in Times of Crisis


We must act now! It's better to do something than nothing! This has never happened before! The experts will show us the way! From the great depression to the crises of today, we hear these claims over and over again. 

Not Even Gretchen Whitmer Wants More of the CDC's Lockdowns


The political climate that fostered panic and lockdowns a year ago is now changing. Legislatures are turning against governors and the public is no longer hysterical with fear. Politicians aren't sure what to do. 

You Won't Learn Much about Fascism in this Book on "Fascism"


Jason Stanley's book on fascism is a jumbled mess which seems primarily to exist for the purpose of smearing everything Stanley doesn't like with the label of "fascism." 

The State-Corporate Convergence in Our State of Emergency


The current political trend is toward corporate-state monopolization over all aspects of life, with increasing control by approved "private" principals over information and opinion, economic production, and the political sphere.

Texas Ended Lockdowns and Mask Mandates. Now Locked-Down States Are Where Covid Is Growing Most


Don’t expect Fauci and his supporters to give up on insisting that New York and Michigan are doing "the right thing" while Texas and Florida are embracing "human sacrifice" as a part of a "death cult." 

The Psychological Basis of the Opposition to Economic Theory

04/21/2021Mises Daily Articles

A reason for ongoing opposition to markets stems from the fact that for many centuries intellectuals, aristocrats, and government officials have believed the ancient doctrine that making money in the marketplace is degrading. 



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