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The Dangerous Myth of a "Soft Landing"

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If the only antidote offered to prevent a 2008-style contraction is monetary easing, then the risk of stagflation is even higher. Without drastic cuts to deficit spending, or a recession, the likely outcome is stagflation.

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09/27/2023Mises Wire
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Real Economic Growth Depends on Savings


Keynesians claim that the source of economic growth is consumer spending. Austrians know that net savings are the key to a growing economy.

The Menendez Indictments: Understanding Business as Usual in Washington


Official Washington is shocked—shocked!—at the alleged influence peddling by Senator Robert Menendez. But it is the pursuit of empire and attempts by Washington to meddle everywhere that make such peddling so profitable.

Bringing the Truth


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Do Monarchs Always Have Low Time Preferences?


Hans Hoppe theorized that monarchs, as opposed to democratically-elected political authorities, would have lower time preferences and would be less likely to engage in reckless government spending. Unfortunately, at least one Medieval Danish king acted like a modern politician.

Oil Export Bans Make for Crude Politics


In the wake of the Arab Oil Embargo of 50 years ago, Congress banned U.S. export sales of crude oil. The results were different than what government "experts" imagined.

The Fed Holds the Fed Funds Rate Steady—Because it Doesn't Know What Else To Do


If we read between the lines, it is apparent that the Fed is hoping that price inflation will fall to politically acceptable levels without any additional tightening, and without a recession.  But "hope" is all the Fed has. 

The US Military Is Laying the Groundwork to Reinstitute the Draft


Not satisfied with the futile and destructive wars it has fought in this century, leaders of the US Armed Forces now want reinstatement of the draft. Instead, perhaps our government should give peace a chance.



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