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Fed Forecasts: Financial Sport or Costly Distraction?

Blog9 hours ago

Forget Vegas sports betting for reckless speculation. When the Fed officials make projections, the markets assume they are accurate. However, as Jerome Powell himself admits, forecasts are speculative at best.

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Cotton Pickin' Sanctions


On yet another crusade, US authorities have sanctioned Chinese cotton imports. The sanctions won't change Chinese policies but they will create hardships for many.

Tyranny, Inc.: How “Beltway Libertarians” Failed to Convince Conservatives


From the various compromises pushed by "Beltway Libertarians" to the anti-free market rhetoric of conservative Sohrab Ahmari, government intervention has a lot of new friends. This will not end well.

True Money Supply Is the Correct Measure of Inflation, Not Consumer Price Index


The common belief is that inflation is the general rise in consumer prices. However, rising prices are a symptom of inflation, which really is expansion of the money supply.

Public Goods Viewed through Entrepreneurship


One of the canards of mainstream economics is that only government can provide the "optimum" number of nonrivalrous, or public, goods. Austrian economists have never accepted that theory.

How Is the Fed Insolvent and Why Should We Care?

09/30/2023Mises Media

Alex Pollock explains to Bob the mechanics of the Fed's current insolvency and its implications for ordinary Americans.

Thanks to Our Fall Campaign Donors

09/30/2023Mises Wire

Thanks to all of our generous donors who are participating in our 2023 Fall Campaign. Your continued support is vital and much appreciated.

The Data Shutdown—Smokescreen?

09/30/2023Mises Media

The Federal Reserve is playing its typical confidence game.

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