Reflections upon the Centennial of Mises's Socialism

Blog1 hour ago

It has been a hundred years since Mises published Socialism. It is more relevant than ever.

Economic Progress and Economic Decay: North versus South

Blog2 hours ago

While high-quality automobiles and other manufactured goods are being produced in the Southeast, northeastern states like New York are falling behind, thanks to progressive governance.

Abolish Seditious Conspiracy Laws


The January 6 trials remind us violence against a person or property should be prosecuted as exactly that, and not as a special category of crime against the regime.

Renewables and EVs in the Grip of Lesseps Syndrome


The so-called green energy strategy is no strategy at all. Instead, it is an attempt to cripple the energy industries in vain hopes that renewables will magically cover the energy shortfall.

An Economist Examines US Foreign Policy and Finds It Wanting


Economist Christopher Coyne of George Mason University uses economic logic to expose the follies of militaristic US policies overseas.

The Bad Economics of Twitter

12/02/2022Mises Media

Jeff and Bob break down the good, bad, and ugly behind Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.

Who Has Better Ethics, the Social Security System or Bernie Madoff?


Nearly everyone has heard of Bernie Madoff and rightly associates his name with financial fraud. Yet, the Social Security system is built on a Ponzi scheme similar to what Madoff created.



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