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Equality and Envy


There are many reasons why activists and intellectuals oppose inequality. Envy is one of them.

Jim Bovard on HL Mencken

12/03/2021Mises Media
Jeff Deist and Jim Bovard discuss Mencken's work, his complicated elitism, his Old Right politics and social views, and the magnificent pleasure of reading this master.

The DC Sniper Rampage: The Biggest Police Debacle of the Century?


The Washington area was traumatized for weeks by two dimwitted psychopaths who rode around brazenly shooting people from the trunk of their ancient Chevrolet. Sadly, law enforcement officials had apparently met their match.

The Befuddling World of the Antieconomist

12/02/2021The Austrian

One of the darlings of the left's intellectual brotherhood gives us a look into the state of intellectual affairs therein. Piketty expounds "there is no universal law of economics: There is only a multiplicity of historical experiences and imperfect data.” Piketty is what Mises calls an "...

How Governments Seized Control of Money


It took many centuries for regimes to secure the sort of prestige and power necessary to claim a monopoly over money. From the state's perspective, it has been worth it. 

Africa's Long History of Trade and Markets


Capitalism is not a "legacy of colonialism" in Africa. In fact, markets and interregional trade have long been practiced on the continent. And markets today are still the answer to raising standards of living.

Elizabeth Warren Is So Very Wrong about Inflation


Elizabeth Warren has pronounced her verdict on higher food and gasoline prices: they are nothing less than the result of corporate greed. In fact, there is no inflation, only corporations arbitrarily raising prices.



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