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Understanding the "Private" in "Private Security"

Blog1 hour ago

Ultimately, we are responsible for ensuring our own security and our incentives are aligned with those of third parties with whom we can contract to assist us. In this regard, security is no different than many other desirable things. 


Governments Are Failing at Their Most Basic Duties—While Promising Free Stuff

Blog6 hours ago

Political candidates are offering endless government spending and "free stuff" for everyone. But at the same time, governments appear incapable of performing even basic duties like ending street riots. 

Why Big Business Is Helping the Regime


Faced with a "join us or be destroyed" ultimatum from federal regulators or lawmakers, most private firms choose the "join us" option. 

People Change Their Minds. That Doesn't Make Them Irrational.


Human beings do not have constant value scales, but change their goals constantly as the world around them changes. This habit of changing goals does not make a consumer "irrational."

Thanks to Federal Megaspending, the Trade Deficit Has Only Gotten Worse


The chronic US trade deficit is a direct result of the dollar’s status as the world’s main reserve currency and unabated monetary increases in government spending. More tariffs won't change that. 

In Defense of Debt Collection

06/15/2021Mises Daily Articles

So the government is concerned about rough debt-collection tactics? Try skipping out on your taxes this year and see how rough the tactics can become. 

This Is What Could Trigger Big Growth in CPI Inflation


Whether today's Great Monetary Inflation (which began in 2011) will end with sustained CPI inflation remains a wide-open question at this point. Prices could be reined in as in the 1990s, or a 1970s-style inflation could still be in store.

Why Stimulus Does Not Stimulate


The specific institutional conditions in 1936 Britain caused inflation to work as intended once, and not well. Stimulus policy today completely ignores these origins and has become a universal solvent to heal all economic ills.

The G7's Reckless Commitment To Mounting Debt


The global minimum tax rate will not hurt G7 members or large technology giants, but it will devastate small and dynamic countries that need to attract capital and investment and who cannot afford to have the tax rate of global leading nations.



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