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The Feds Collect Most of the Taxes in America—So They Have Most of the Power

Blog7 hours ago

The federal government collects a lot more in taxes than the state governments do. And the feds also spend a lot more. This tells us a lot about how the federal government came to dominate all political systems in America. 


The Drive for Regulatory Harmonization

10 hours agoMises Daily Articles
With the affected business interests demanding regulatory harmonization and the world's legislators and regulators willing to supply it, who will oppose it? The answer, all too often, is no one.

The Real Trickle-Down Effect: Making "Luxuries" Affordable to Regular People


The "trickle down" effect is real in how capitalists are motivated to expand affordability of their products and services. Mobile phones and air travel were once just luxuries enjoyed by a select few, but are now widely affordable. 

The Fed Is Trying to Gaslight the World—It Won’t Work

06/24/2021Power & Market

The goal of public comments from Federal Reserve officials is to convince the public that there is nothing to fear. The experts have things covered. Inflation is temporary. Growth is coming. All is well—no matter the economic struggles you yourself may be feeling.

Why Producer Prices (Like Lumber Prices) Are Rising Faster Than the CPI


Why have prices of building materials soared while consumer prices are relatively stable? This is easier to understand once we reject the myth of monetary neutrality and see how price inflation enters the market in different ways. 


06/24/2021Power & Market

An important milestone has recently been passed. To be exact, the latest Fed balance sheet update on June 17, 2021, shows the figure at $8.064 trillion.

Can Economics Save Medicine?


Medicine is absolutely poised for incredible entrepreneurial breakthroughs which will revolutionize not only the practice and delivery of medicine, but how we think about health altogether.

Sound Money versus Fiat Money: Effects on the Boom-Bust Cycle


An increase in the supply of money does not necessarily cause the boom-bust cycle. It is only when more money is created out of nothing that the cycle begins. 

How Fiat Money Changes Culture


The creation and enforcement of fiat money enables larger and more centralized government. Large government programs become possible that were not possible or sustainable under a market-chosen, sound money standard. 



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