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They'll Never Pay Down the National Debt

4 hours agoMises Media
Ryan and Tho talk with Jane Johnson about why the feds will never pay down the debt.

Do Human Emotions Better Help Us Understand Economic Analysis?

Blog8 hours ago

Behavioral economics operates on the assumption that human emotions play an important role in determining economic choices. However, while all of us have emotions, we ultimately use reason to determine what we need to sustain our lives.

Another Reason Why Individual Freedom Is So Much Better than Central Planning


Progressives believe that restricting individual liberty permits better social outcomes. In truth, it is individual liberty that allows societies to function best.

The Outrageous Persecution of Julian Assange


As officials feign outrage over the death of Alexei Navalny and the jailing of Evan Gershkovich, the US government tries to imprison a journalist for breaking truly incriminating stories.

The Death of Easy Money Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


Central banks have had the chutzpah to claim credit for slowing down the rise of consumer prices. The truth is they have taken advantage of the supply boost from fading pandemic dislocations to pursue continued monetary inflation.

The Right Is Wrong to Pursue Term Limits


While term limits is a near-article of faith by many on the right, the concept is flawed at its inception and the results are worse than anticipated.

Why Americans Do Not See a Strong Economy


Policies that have never worked are being implemented at an astonishing pace and with enormous levels of money printing and debt, and the government blames anyone except themselves for poor consumer and business confidence. This is not a strong economy. 

No, "Science" Has Not Proven Mises Wrong on Socialism


Socialists never give up trying to prove that socialism can maintain a functioning economy. Some have dragged out a nearly forty year old study as their exhibit A.

The Awesome Verbal Punching Power of Thomas Paine


While Thomas Paine might be one of the most obscure "Founding Fathers" of this country, he was a powerful intellect who helped move people to choose liberty and independence.



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