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Inflation isn’t simply a stealth tax on the average American. It funds the worst aspects of the current regime. Help us spread the message by making a donation today.

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Thanks to all of our generous donors who participated in our 2022 Fall Campaign. Your continued support is vital and much appreciated.

Cryptocurrency as Money—Store of Value or Medium of Exchange?

Standard neoclassical definitions of money call it a means of exchange and a store of value. But is this correct?

Escaping Russia's Military Draft Is an Act of Self-Defense


Fortunately, the world is composed of many separate states, which enables "disobedient" residents in one state to escape to others, and fleeing conscription is merely an act of self-defense.

Student Loan Forgiveness Treats the Symptom, Not the Disease


President Biden's recent student loan forgiveness initiative only exacerbates the real problem: the cost of a college education, thanks to government intervention, is outrageously high.

Obama's Forgotten Child Hunger Debacle


Barack Obama promised to "end child hunger" by 2015. Michelle Obama promised to end childhood obesity. Unfortunately, both increased in large part because of the Obama programs. Today, President Biden will declare war on "hunger in America." Stay tuned.

Genuine Recovery Is Up to Investors, Producers, and Consumer Choice


Recovery is genuine only when it reaches the masses of individuals. And recovery comes only from the actions of individuals acting in a free market.

How to Think about Economic Theory


Economics is based on human action as purposeful behavior. This means when people act, they try to achieve something. It does not mean that they are always accurate or do the “right thing."

Eat or Heat: Europeans Already Are Facing Previously Unthinkable Dilemmas


The European elites that imposed disastrous covid-19 restrictions, along with "green energy" regimes and sanctions against Russia are now seeing the results of their policies.



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