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Inflation and the French Revolution: The Story of a Monetary Catastrophe

1 hour agoMises Daily Articles
Monetary inflation helped bring on the Terror and set French progress back a generation.
The Human Action Podcast

MMT Explained with Dr. Robert Murphy

2 hours agoMises Media
Can newly issued currency be used to pay for public works, health care, college, entitlements, and guaranteed jobs? If it sounds too good to be true, it is—and Dr. Murphy joins the Human Action Podcast to explain why.

What Chile’s Vote to Change Its Constitution Means for Its Future

Blog4 hours ago

In recent decades, Chile set itself apart from the rest of Latin America with successful market reforms and a stable political system. Average Chileans prospered. But now that's all at risk. 

Being Pro-union Means Being Antiworker

Blog9 hours ago

The problem with Biden’s Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is that it would help unions at the expense of the vast majority of American workers.

China's New Five-Year Plan Exposes the Wishful Thinking behind Socialist Regimes


The trouble with China’s new five-year plan is that it attempts to solve problems while leaving their underlying structural causes unaddressed. In this it is not unlike the final Soviet five-year plans of the 1980s.

Pandemics Are Over When the Public Decides They're Over


Government bureaucrats have their own standards for declaring when a pandemic has "officially" ended. But the de facto ending comes when the public stops paying attention. 

The Impossibility of "Taxation with Representation"


The slogan "taxation without representation" implies that taxation with representation is both possible and moral. But the idea of political representation is fraught with errors.

The Covid Cult

11/20/2020Mises Media

This is the greatest public health fiasco in the history of the world, and the media has distorted it so badly, that much of the general public is celebrating villains and hissing at heroes. 

Covid Deaths Mount in France and the Czech Republic as Lockdowns Fail


Most regimes in favor of strict lockdowns in western Europe now have some of the highest covid death rates in the world. And now prolockdown eastern Europe is headed in the same direction. 



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