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The Debt-Inflation Spiral Is Driving up the Demand for Gold

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It is often claimed that inflation reduces the true burden of debt. This is true for existing debt, but those who advocate it as a remedy for government indebtedness fail to understand that it also increases the cost of the government’s future debt.

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Cato's Letters on the "Loveliness and Advantages" of Political Liberty

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As Ronald Hamowy put it, Cato's Letters is “unmatched for its breadth and vigor in the literature of the period.”

Trump Agonistes


Populists need a status quo to oppose, but now Trump stands as the incumbent.

Man, Economy, and State: Monopoly with Dr. Walter Block


Dr. Walter Block joins the show to discuss Rothbard's breakthroughs on monopolies and cartels, and to draw downward-sloping demand diagrams for us!

Jefferson on the Family and Liberty


One of the standard criticisms of the free market point of view is that it treats individuals as isolated atoms who view other people only as means to the pursuit of their selfish ends. 

A Brief History of the Gold Standard, with a Focus on the United States


Arguments over the gold standard are not merely technical disagreements. Rather, the gold standard often serves as a proxy for “sound money,” which was a central element in the classical liberal tradition of limiting government’s ability to wreak havoc on society.

Why Property Rights Are Absolute, but Contracts Are Not


Because each person's control over his own body and will are inalienable, no person can be held to any sort of slavery "contract" even if all parties once agreed on it.

The Mises Institute's Master of Arts in Austrian Economics to Commence Next Week


Will you help the Mises Institute build this new school of graduate economics today?

Gold Prices Show There's a "Big Short" Going on in Official Currencies


A rising price of gold and silver in US dollars, euros, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, etc. means this:  the higher the price of this precious metal, the lower the exchange value of official currencies.



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