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The Dark Side of the American Dream

Blog31 min ago

Paul Cantor's new book on TV and film, Pop Culture and the Dark Side of the American Dream, the reader finds a fascinating new look at the many ways the "American dream" has offered both hope and frustration for many who try to use their...

Ron Paul Symposium 2019

How "Meaningless Words" Create the Narrative

Jeff Deist speaks at the 2019 Ron Paul Symposium in Lake Jackson, Texas.

6 Reasons Why the Most Hated Politician in Latin America Became President of Brazil


For many Brazilian voters, Jair Bolsonaro offered a chance to break with decades of failed economic policies. Time will tell if they were right.

Freedom Means a Right to Discriminate


To prohibit discrimination in employment is to infringe upon freedom of association, freedom of thought, private property, and freedom in general.

The Deep State: The Headless Fourth Branch of Government


School children learn that there are three branches of government. In actual practice, there is a fourth branch, the permanent bureaucracy which includes legions of civilian and military agents, officers, and administrators committed to protecting their own interests.

Ron Paul, Hero


Lew Rockwell speaks at the 2019 Ron Paul Symposium in Lake Jackson, Texas.

There Is No End to History, No Perfect Existence

11/20/2019Mises Daily Articles

The fully satisfied individual is purposeless, he does not act, he has no incentive to think, he spends his days in leisurely enjoyment of life. It is certain that living men can never attain such a state of perfection and equilibrium.

The Instability of Markets Is Not Nearly as Bad as the Instability of Government Policy


Many advocates claim government intervention is necessary because markets are too unstable. The real instability, however, comes from the immense uncertainty over what government will do next with its vast and arbitrary power.



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