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Toby Baxendale on the Coming Financial Repression

32 min agoMises Media
Toby Baxendale joins Bob to discuss the tools central banks and governments will use to enact "financial repression."

Julian Assange and Our Impunity Democracy

Blog3 hours ago

Saturday's world-wide demonstrations calling for the release of Julian Assange might go unheeded by American political elites, but that does not diminish this simple truth: Assange is being punished for exposing lies and lawbreaking by the U.S. Government.

The Velocity of Money Circulation Is Another Economic Myth

Blog3 hours ago

Anyone who has taken a Keynesian-based macroeconomics course remembers the equation of exchange: MV = PY. This equation, however, is buried in fallacious economic thinking.

The Fraudulent Social Contract of Bad Money Regimes


Progressives are fond of telling us that we are under a "social contract" with the government, in effect justifying whatever abuses authorities inflict. Putting up with massive inflation is the latest iteration of this so-called contract.

A Cliché of Socialism: Under Public Ownership, We the People Own it!


Proponents of socialism claim that it promotes ownership "by the people." Yet the people that actually control resources and production are not the same people who allegedly are the "rightful owners" in society

It's All about the Benjamins: Why the Dollar Determines US Policies


The US dollar is not the world's "reserve" currency because of responsibility on behalf of the monetary authorities. Instead, the dollar's "strength" wages from the USA's self-appointed role as the world's protector.

How to Do Economics


Sound economic reasoning highlights a major difference between social sciences and the natural sciences. We cannot rely on observation and measurement to gain understanding of social phenomena.

Hazlitt's Lesson Restated: New Jersey's Disastrous Ban on Single-Use Plastic


Virtue-signaling politicians in New Jersey have banned single-use plastic bags, claiming to "help the environment." They need to read Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson instead.

An Economic Perspective on Accusing Political Opponents of Racism


A winning political strategy, especially among Democrats, is to accuse their political opponents of racism, or at least "closet" racism. Yet simple economic analysis shows such accusations are illogical.



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