Guatam Adani

The Case of Adani versus Hindenburg


Can private markets only be regulated by government? Hindenburg Research's successes against corporate corruption suggest otherwise.

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Does Government Create a "Level Playing Field" or Does It Make the Field More Uneven?


Anticapitalist politicians claim intervention can "level the playing field," but when we look closely, we realize that government itself creates the imbalances.

Another Recession Sign: Part-Time Work Is Growing Faster than Full-Time Work


A shift from full-time-driven employment to part-time-driven employment is usually an indicator of a coming recession. That shift happened in January's jobs numbers. 

The Price-Gouging State


Politicians and the media are blaming businesses for inflation when, in fact, the skyrocketing prices of nearly everything have a government stamp on them.

Yes, the US Government Has Defaulted Before


While the 1979 default was relatively small, the 1934 default affected millions of Americans who had bought Liberty Bonds mistakenly thinking the government would make good on its promises.

Why Libertarians Should Support the Multipolar World


Western intellectuals and their political allies are pushing relentlessly toward a unipolar world. Freedom lies in the multipolar direction.

The "True" Money Supply: A Measure of the Supply of the Medium of Exchange in the U.S. Economy

02/06/2023Austrian Economics Newsletter

Measures of the U.S. money stock in current use are flawed precisely because they are not based on an explicit and coherent theoretical conception of the essential nature of money.

Why Mises’s Theory of Economic Calculation Still Is Relevant Today


Whether political elites promote outright socialism or interventionism, thanks to the reality of economic calculation, they are advocating a failed economy.

Managing Money Is as Important as Making It: The Sad Case of Athletes Going Broke


The recent case of retired megastar Usain Bolt losing millions of dollars to bad investments highlights the importance of sound money management.



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