After Ukraine, Realpolitik Will Be the New Interventionist Status Quo


Between war weariness and the inability of the US government to pay war bills, reality is going to come to the fore even if Washington doesn't like it.

Student Loans: The Continuing Crisis That Is Getting Worse


The student loan program is descending into chaos and the Biden administration is clueless about what to do. Furthermore, the value of a college education continues to fall while college costs increase.

Jim Chanos and Stock Markets

11/25/2023Mises Media

Mark looks at the implications of famed investor Jim Chanos shutting down his hedge fund which specialized in shorting stocks.

Fed Rate Cuts Will Not Save The Economy


Because borrowing from the Fed continues to reach new highs, inflation is unlikely to drop as fast as M2 would indicate, and excess money growth continues to generate problems in the economy with few improvements as it just keeps zombie financial entities alive.

The Fed Is Draining Our Economy Like Farmers Have Drained Their Aquifers


America is draining its economy by federal debt in a way similar to how American farms and cities are emptying the nation's aquifers. We cannot sustain these losses much longer.

Overcoming Chinese Communist GDP Myths


While China achieved strong economic growth in the post-Mao years by allowing free markets to work, the Communist leadership wants to return the economy to its old socialist ways. However, while the government can give fake growth numbers, it cannot reverse socialist failures.

Seven Reasons to Abandon the Public Health System


Government-run medical systems are always touted by political elites, who usually take advantage of private care themselves. It is time for everyone else to have access to the same system.



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