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Why Interventionist Economists Love to Talk about Externalities

Blog1 hour ago

Step 1: claim that only government can solve the problem of "externalities." Step 2: claim that externalities are everywhere. Step 3: send in bureaucrats to solve every "problem" caused by externalities.


1789: The First Thing the New American Government Did Was Impose a Huge Tax Increase

Blog7 hours ago

It turned out that taxation with representation could be just as oppressive as taxation without representation. Or worse.

Digitalization Could Move Medical Care beyond "Government Healthcare"

Blog8 hours ago

Government healthcare is centrally planned healthcare. Innovations in the decentralized "digitalization" of medicine could finally move medicine back in the direction of markets.

What Economics Is Not

10/23/2021Mises Daily Articles

The Austrian approach to economics dispenses with the idea of "economic man," and broadens economics to include all action, which takes place in a framework of scarcity. 

Proponents of Forced Vaccines Want You to Think Healthcare Is a Communal Resource


Supporters of vaccine mandates are pushing the idea that healthcare is a communal resource. This idea allows them to make false moral claims about how everyone owes it to "society" to get vaccinated.

Why Censorship Advocates Are Obsessed with Stories about Yelling "Fire!" in a Theater


The fact that such a vacuous and irrelevant example became such a compelling argument for the government restriction of freedom of speech in many other areas is disturbing.

Speech Isn't a "Threat" Just Because a Government Official Says So


Many parents are becoming angry over the contempt with which they are treated by school officials. So school board officials are attempting to use federal "harassment" laws to silence critics.

Why Some People Are Poorer

10/22/2021Mises Daily Articles

The only permanent way to cure poverty is to increase the earning power and productivity of the poor.

Is Solidarity a Good Thing?


Further, if solidarity is a value, why can’t the common enterprise be that people in a society share a commitment to the free market? Or is solidarity only good when people jointly do things socialists like?



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