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Rothbard's Anatomy of the State

8 hours agoMises Media
Anatomy of the State is a book that everyone, from anarchist to statist, needs to read and consider.

The Political Economy of Fear

9 hours agoMises Daily Articles
By keeping the population in a state of artificially heightened apprehension, the government-cum-media prepares the ground for planting specific measures of taxation, regulation, surveillance, reporting, and other invasions of the people's wealth, privacy, and freedoms.

Can the Concept of Exploitation Be Saved?

04/16/2021Friday Philosophy

The Marxist concept of exploitation arises from a deep question Marx asked: Why do capitalists earn interest?

The Interesting Case of the Zaïre—the Question MMT Cannot Answer


The case of the zaïre currency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo provides strong anecdotal evidence discounting the fiat currency–obsessed modern monetary theory.

The Right to Ignore the State

04/15/2021Mises Daily Articles

The rule of the many by the few we call tyranny; the rule of the few by the many is tyranny also ... "You shall do as we will, and not as you will," is in either case the declaration.

The Plutocrats of Wall Street and Silicon Valley Are Scamming America


Free market advocates long ago figured out that the monied classes of bankers and Wall Street operatives were exploiting the "little people" to prop up the fortunes of what is now the billionaire class. The scam is alive and well today. 

The Plan to Save the the Postal Service by Making It Even Worse


The post office can't seem to balance its books. So like all monopolists, the postal service plans to "improve" things by increasing prices and making its service even worse. 

Politicians Concerned about Violence Should Start by Ending Their Wars and Their Police State


When politicians claim to deplore violence, its hard to take them seriously when they have a long track record of supporting brutal and arbitrary violence both at home and abroad. 

America’s "Great Men" and the Constitutional Convention


The nationalists in favor of a new constitution in 1787 sent their richest, most schooled,  and most "distinguished" men. Fortunately for them, ceteris paribus, the more distinguished any given gathering, the more statist and reactionary it will likely be. 



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