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The German Court's Unexpected Blow to the ECB

Blog54 min ago

A high German court recently ruled that the European Central Bank has overstepped the bounds of its power. The angry response from high-ranking European bureaucrats tells us a lot about what they want for the EU.


Nozick Once Again

Blog3 hours ago

If time preference is genetically built into humans, are they double discounting future goods? Does this mean people should stop trying to weigh time in their calculations?

Three Ways Lockdowns Are Costing Human Lives

Blog8 hours ago

If we do not correctly take into account the opportunity cost, in terms of lives that can be lost from lockdowns, then we will most likely continue to make bad decisions in the future.

3 Reasons States Will Reopen Regardless of What Trump Says

Blog8 hours ago

The reality of mandatory shutdowns is that state and local governments are now in the driver's seat, and that means that state and local politics is what really matters.

Rothbard on the Economics of Slavery

05/28/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Published here for the first time is Rothbard's note on the economics of antebellum slavery. Mark Thornton comments on the paper, which criticizes the method of the New Economic History.

The Importance of "Fedspeak"

05/28/2020Power & Market

Federal Reserve operatives deliberately use vague and confusing language to mask the fact that their own policies are in fact vague, imprecise, and based on wishful thinking.

Politicians' COVID Mania Ravages Maryland


James Bovard reports form Maryland, where the COVID-19 lockdowns have decimated employment and the rules only apply to powerless ordinary people. Cops and politicians can do as they like.

The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy Is a Reminder That Prescription Laws Are a Government Racket


In a free country, doctors would be free to prescribe whatever drugs they wish to anyone for any reason. In fact, individuals should be free to buy drugs without a special government-required doctor's note.

What the Failed 55-MPH Speed Limit Law Tells Us about COVID Lockdowns


Americans were once harangued by government "experts" about the need to slow down on highways in order to save lives. Few listened. Today, laws demanding everyone "stay at home" may suffer a similar fate.



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