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Money Supply Growth Is Slowing—That Points to a Slowing Economy

Blog9 hours ago

Easy money monetary policy only serves to weaken and destroy savings and investment. And that means weaker future economic growth. 

Rural Voters, Guns, and Decentralization Sank the Democrats in Virginia


A big factor behind Youngkin’s electoral success in Virginia: the rural voter and their reaction to Richmond's overreach on guns, schools, and centralized political power.

A Crusoe Social Philosophy

12/07/2021Mises Daily Articles

Crusoe economics can aid greatly in solving such problems of political philosophy as the nature and role of liberty, property, and violence.

Biden Has Embraced Trump's Protectionism


Tariffs and trade controls are little more than tax increases and a chance to further empower a bloated bureaucracy. Not surprisingly, Biden doesn't appear to be enthusiastic about embracing free trade.

A History of Cronyism in America


Cronyism: when the government passes policies to benefit special-interest politicians, bureaucrats, businesses, and other groups at the expense of the general public.

Vaccine Mandates Result from the Abuse of True Science

12/07/2021Power & Market

Unlike Fauci, adherents of true scientific approaches understand science explores the unknown “to establish what is,” rather than to “dictate what ought to be and what ends people should aim at.”

Hoover's Attack on Laissez-Faire

12/06/2021Mises Daily Articles

In 1929, what remained of laissez-faire policy in America was brushed aside. Led by President Hoover, the government embarked on what has accurately been called the "Hoover New Deal."



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