Powell Is the New Arthur Burns, Not the New Paul Volcker

Blog7 hours ago

With his current timid, weak, and prevaricating position on price inflation, Powell is positioning himself as the new Arthur Burns, who did nothing to end 1970s inflation. 


War Spending Gives MMTers and the Left a Strong Talking Point


When conservatives applaud unlimited war spending, they not only harm our economy and body politic, but they give the Left a powerful talking point.

Independence Day: America's Subversive Holiday

06/30/2022Mises Media

Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop discuss how the state uses holidays as a culture war weapon.

The Many Evils of Inflation

06/30/2022Mises Daily Articles

Few people are aware of what the Federal Reserve System, acting on behalf of the U.S. Government, is doing to their money, writes Hans Sennholz.

The Meaning and History of Liberty: An In-Print Bibliography

06/29/2022Mises Daily Articles

You can only read so many books in a lifetime. How tragic it would be if among these the subject of liberty itself were neglected?

Who Really Makes US Foreign Policy? Who Benefits and Who Loses?


US foreign policy is a morass of lobbying, payouts, decisions, and power plays that violates the standards this country claims to promote.

The Great Reset in Action: Ending Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Expression


Governments never have respected rights of free speech. Today, they restrict freedom of speech and of the press and promote falsehoods in the name of "protecting truth."

What Will It Take to End Rampant Home-Price Inflation?


Real deflation—both monetary inflation and price inflation—is necessary, and that can only be accomplished if the Fed can resist the temptation to keep doing what it's been doing since 2008

How Bad Were Recessions before the Fed? Not as Bad as They Are Now


The Federal Reserve was supposed to prevent recessions that people blamed on the lack of central banking. Not surprisingly, the post-Fed recessions have been worse.



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