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Understanding the Proper Meaning of "Equality"

Blog4 hours ago

Private property is not a privilege merely of the property owner, but a social institution for the good and benefit of all, even though it may at the same time be especially agreeable and advantageous to some.


Populism Worked for the Pro-Freedom Party in the Past. Can It Work Again?

Blog7 hours ago

Is it still possible to "rouse the masses of people against the elites that are looting them" in effective numbers? As late as 1992, Rothbard thought so. And he had historical examples on his side. 

President Pence and VP Harris? It Could Happen.


Here's one scenario the markets perhaps have yet to consider. Thanks to the Twentieth Amendment, it's possible to end up with Pence winning the White House and Harris becoming VP. 

A Collection of Bovardian Epigrams

10/29/2020Power & Market

Wisdom from James Bovard on the train wreck that is American democracy. 

Can Incumbent Trump Win with an Anti-establishment Message?

10/28/2020Power & Market

Trump's anti-establishment rhetoric has made him seem for many the antipolitician candidate, even if he has ultimately ...

The Seen and the Unseen of Covid-19


It’s not enough to evaluate the short-term consequences of a policy for one small group. If you want to know the long-term consequences or the real consequence of it, you look at the long-term effects on everybody.

Want to Make Drugs Less Lethal? Legalize Them.


With new legalization measures coming to the ballot box, voters have the opportunity to take steps that would reduce the drive to make drugs stronger and more potent, and more deadly. 

Will a Nonpolitical "Silent Majority" Stop the Left?

10/28/2020Power & Market

Projections have the 2020 election seeing record-high turnout. Conventional wisdom views this as a win for Joe Biden, but could conventional wisdom be wrong?

No, the American Republic Was Not Founded on Slavery


The fact that some Americans supported slavery in the eighteenth century is not at all remarkable. Most of the world agreed with them. What is remarkable is that many of them sought to abolish slavery in the new republic.



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