Chess, Trans Athletes, and Free Markets in Sports

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Is there a way out of the seemingly intractable demands that trans athletes who are "transitioning" from male to female be permitted to compete with female athletes? There may be a free-market solution.


Strikes Always Have Economic Consequences and the Latest UAW Strike Is No Exception


The UAW's strike against US automakers will do long-term damage to the domestic auto industry. Unfortunately, unions and their advocates will learn nothing from this debacle.

Haiti May Have Won Independence, But It Is Not Independent of Chaos and Poverty


Haiti famously won its independence from France during a slave revolt, but being independent has not brought political stability or prosperity. Instead, Haitians struggle to get by in the Western Hemisphere's poorest country.

Striking Autoworkers Will Only Harm Their Own Livelihoods


Autoworkers are angry at their working situation and are striking for higher wages and a shorter work week. Their anger is misdirected.

A Ticking Time Bomb: A Huge National Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates


As the national debt explodes and the federal government ramps up borrowing and spending, borrowing costs increase as well. Ordinary Americans will suffer the effects in due time.

Is the Gig Economy on the Verge of Destruction?


Thanks to government interventionism and regulation, the once-promising gig economy is foundering. It's time to let entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs.

Armed Neutrality Is the Only Moral Foreign Policy


 The interventionist impulse is to alienate, divide, vilify, bomb, kill, and endlessly sow international discord. Yet it is the proponents of peace and trade, we are told, who are the "isolationists." 

Civilian Control, Unicorns, and Other Bedtime Stories: The Military Does What It Wants


Forget the notion that the Armed Forces are under civilian control.What the generals want, the generals get.

Should We Uncritically Support Organized Labor?


Another Labor Day has passed with the same pro-union rhetoric dominating the media and politics. However, being pro-union is not the same as being pro-labor, especially given that unions often are the most anti-worker entities in our political economy.



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