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Halfway to Secession: Unity on Foreign Policy, Disunity on Domestic Policy

Blog11 hours ago

Expect opponents of secession and decentralization to start claiming that neither option is acceptable because any big change to the status quo could endanger American "strength" in foreign policy. Don't listen to them. 

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What Biden/Harris Will Do

Blog11 hours ago

Will Biden/Harris be a transformative administration?


Biden Can Now Launch the Nukes and Unleash World War III Whenever He Feels Like It


The power to incinerate a billion or more human beings over morning coffee remains in the power of the president. This morning Biden supporters on Twitter were ecstatic over the video of the nuclear launch equipment being handed over to Biden.

Time Preference, Interest Rates, and Stagflation


As a result of past reckless fiscal and monetary policies the pool of real wealth could be declining. If so, stagflation will result. 

Why Governments Want More Centralization—and Less Federalism


America’s founders did not envision the federal government as the domineering senior partner in almost everything. What was once best described as “sovereign States, united solely for specified joint purposes” has been largely eviscerated.

The Unwelcome Return of the Real Purveyors of Violence


It’s hard to be optimistic about a Biden administration with so many hyperinterventionist Obama retreads. Get ready for new wars and "regime change" operations. 

Unintended Consequences: Some Problems with National Income Accounting


It's not that we need to rid ourselves of the baggage of macrostatistics completely. Rather, we need to 1) critically assess whether they are appropriate, if so, 2) for what role, and finally 3) whether they are consistent as a tool we can use to tell the story we want.

Let's Abolish Those Presidential Medals of Freedom


Never trust a president's judgment when it comes to what constitutes freedom. The absurd presidential record on Medals of Freedom illustrates this well. 

It's Time for a National Divorce


The polarization reached a peak on January 6, but more peaks are sure to come. Perhaps this year, perhaps down the road. But they’re going to happen, and they could be much worse in the future.



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