Is Economic Growth Synonymous with Ecological Destruction? The NYT Gets It Wrong (Again)


The New York Times recently interviewed economist Herman Daly, who insists that economic growth is economically destructive. There is much more to the story.


If Mauritius is a Tax H(e)aven, Other African Countries Must be Tax Hells


Elites are attacking the government of Mauritius for having lower tax rates than other African countries. The real issue is the levels of taxation in other African countries.

Spotlight on Keynesian Economics

08/13/2022Mises Daily Articles

"All of Keynesian thinking is a tissue of distortions, fallacies, and drastically unrealistic assumptions."

Why Federal Agencies Go Rogue

08/12/2022Mises Media

Economists and political scientists, from Mises to Robert Higgs to James Burnham to public choice scholars, explain why mission creep and abuse by state agencies is the rule rather than the exception. 

Who Is Most Responsible for the Ongoing War in Ukraine?


While most people tend to see the Ukraine-Russia war as a current phenomenon, it is the continuation of what happened in Europe more than a century ago.

Patents and Progress

08/12/2022Friday Philosophy

Patents lack a basis in natural rights; to the contrary, they may be a patent absurdity

Yes, Precolonial Africa Had Technology and Economic Life before Colonialism


Like all other places, Africa has a more nuanced history than what people previously have believed. The continent was not devoid of technology before the advent of colonialism, as there were pockets of inventiveness and small-scale manufacturing.

We Don't Believe You


Any political statement made today, by any politician or candidate, can be answered thus: "We don't believe you." 

Economic Causes of War

08/11/2022Mises Daily Articles

Under a system of private ownership, in which the government's only function is to protect property rights, it is immaterial where the frontiers of people's country are drawn.



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