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Will Economics Fall to Politics?

36 min agoPower & Market

Economics cannot be faked, ignored, or legislated away any more than physics or chemistry. Economics, as Mises understood, is the study of social cooperation. When economics falls to politics, peace and prosperity fall to poverty and violence.

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The Dangers Posed by State-Controlled Digital Currency

Blog1 hour ago

If we choose to break the state monopoly of money and allow private digital currencies to compete, a myriad of different solutions will emerge to serve a myriad of different needs.

What Germany Must Do for a Speedy Recovery

Blog6 hours ago

The German "stimulus" package does nothing to actually stimulate true economic growth. If Germany policymakers were smart, they'd be cutting taxes and spending, while abolishing regulations.

Mises on Secession

07/06/2020Mises Daily Articles

If Mises stopped short of affirming the full right of individual secession, it was only because of what he regarded as technical obstacles.

The Market Economy Has Been Replaced by a "Fiat Economy"


We're now seeing an economic system where both supply and demand depend on government subsidies, handouts, and monetary schemes. This isn't something we could call a market economy.

Europe's Bailouts Risk a Full-Blown Financial Crisis


Euro governments are planning to use the banking system for widespread bailouts in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns. This could bring about a new financial crisis.

Review: Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events

07/04/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Brendan Brown reviews "Narrative Economics," which argues that "economic fluctuations are substantially driven by contagion of oversimplified and easily transmitted variants of economic narratives."

Private Defense in the History of Genoa


The Republic of Genoa provides an example of how a small "state" managed to defend itself against much larger states using military resources that were overwhelmingly owned and controlled by private parties.

The Social Consequences of Zero Interest Rates


As Japan has shown, ultralow interest rates can greatly affect a society that was once impressively focused on innovation and investment.



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