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Boom to Bust: How Inflation Turns into Deflation

Blog4 hours ago

Seemingly endless amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus will keep prices rising in the near term. But if the banking sector and other bubble industries weaken, we will eventually see deflation as new loan activity lessens. 


Babbitt Is Back


The people selling us democracy believe in it the same way George F. Babbitt believes in a new listing from the Babbitt-Thompson Realty Company.

Biden's Family Leave Is Yet Another Attack on the Family


Only a bureaucrat would assume that putting a small child in public school is just as effective as keeping the child at home with a parent. Unfortunately for Biden, the research isn’t on his side.

We Cannot Build an Economy on Lies


American journalists and academics have invented a fairy tale in which "free market orthodoxy" has dominated political thinking in America for the past forty years. This is not even slightly true, but pundits repeat the lie again and again. 

The Corrupt Bargain and the Preservation of Slavery


Slavery was now driven into the heart of the new constitution: in the three-fifths clause, in the protection of slave importation for twenty years, in the fugitive slave clause, and even in the congressional power to suppress insurrections within the states.

Washington's Bipartisan Fiscal Folly


Donald Trump—despite adopting a number of economically intelligent policies—was completely unwilling to rein in federal spending. Then things got even worse. 

Keynes Thought Scarcity Would Disappear in the Near Future. Boy, Was He Wrong.


It is not surprising that Keynes looks at the economy from the perspective of a government bureaucrat; this is exactly what, for a significant part of his life, he was. It was for his bureaucratic "service," not his economics, that he was elevated to the peerage.

Should the State Support the Arts?

05/08/2021Mises Daily Articles

It is absurd to say we wish to do away with religion, education, property, labor, and the arts simply because we oppose government subsidies. Rather, we merely oppose stealing from one group of citizens and handing over their wealth to others.

An Autoethnographic Account of the Free Market: My Father


Autoethnographies place the self within a social, historical context. In this one, Michael Rectenwald approaches the free market from the standpoint of his own experience.



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