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Compulsory vs. Free Education

Blog8 hours ago

Compulsory public schooling is like having the government use the taxpayers' money to set up a nationwide chain of public newspapers and then compelling all people to read them.


Slavery in the Asante Empire of West Africa

Blog11 hours ago

The Asante (or Ashanti) Empire of West Africa is a reminder that slavery and political conquest are not at all unique to Europeans.

Radio Rothbard with Comic Dave Smith


This show features a personal and revealing interview of Comic Dave Smith by Jeff Deist. It shows a side of Dave you haven't seen before—so don't miss it. 

Carter vs. Reagan: The Last Semi-Intelligent Presidential Race


Jimmy Carter doesn't get credit for his deregulation efforts, but his initiatives probably were as significant a boost to the economy as any president has accomplished since 1980.

One Hundred Years of Medical Fascism

09/22/2020Mises Daily Articles

The introduction of Obamacare was only the natural evolution of many decades of increasing state control of the healthcare industry.

What's with the Rich Kid Revolutionaries?


It seems that the rest of us will be forced to suffer as egalitarian rich kids work out their psychological problems through some window-smashing therapy.

Abolishing Meritocracy Will Require a Whole Lot of Government Intervention


If you think that it up to people themselves to decide whom they wish to associate with, I am afraid that in Sandel's mind, you are an elitist guilty of hubris.

In August, Money Supply Growth Hit a Record High for the Fifth Month in a Row


During August 2020, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 37.56 percent. That's up from July's rate of 36.92 percent, and up from August 2019's rate of 1.86 percent.

Inflation: Its Effects and Failures


Inflation, the issue of additional paper money, and credit expansion are always intentional; they are never acts of God which strike people, like an earthquake.



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