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Why Bureaucrats Are Sitting on So Much Money-Losing Real Estate

Blog1 hour ago

The Feds are sitting on a huge pile of decaying buildings. A private business would sell these off, but this task is apparently too difficult for federal bureaucrats. 


Vaccine Mandates: Who Will Comply, and Why?

Blog6 hours ago

The philosophy of covid passports is that people are venal and can be easily bribed and made to conform. But is this true of the people who oppose vaccine mandates? 

Why "Natural Immunity" Is a Political Problem for the Regime

Blog6 hours ago

When asked, "'I’ve recovered from covid, is it absolutely essential that I get vaccinated?' many public health officials have put aside the data and responded with a synchronized 'yes.'"

Why the Federalists Hated the Bill of Rights


The Bill of Rights transformed the Constitution from one of supreme and total national power to a partially mixed polity where the liberal antinationalists at least had a fighting chance. 

From Diseases to Recessions, Government Failure Is Endemic


As with economic policy to "cure" recessions, the authorities’ health response is good at crippling markets, but never delivers what is promised. 

Covid Lockdowns Signal the Rise of Public Policy by Ransom


In the age of covid, governments have decided to embrace a new kind of policy: they'll hold the population hostage until the public complies with what the state wants. 

The Eurozone Is Going down the Same Stagnating Road as Japan


As Japan did, the eurozone is betting all on government spending, stimulus packages, and massive debt monetization. In other words, there is no real economic recovery in sight. 

In Defense of the Speculator


It will come as yesterday's news that the speculator is perennially under attack by the social justice warriors. Yet speculators serve a crucial and valuable role in surviving economic disasters. 

Review: Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in America

09/18/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

The core mission of colleges and universities—teaching students—suffered as these institutions became politicized and luxurious resorts chasing athletic glory and questionable research.



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