With the Trump Indictment, America Is a Step Closer to Being a Banana Republic

Blog8 min ago

Democratic politicians and supporters are cheering the Trump indictment, but the entire process has been so politicized that its legitimacy is easily called into question.

Gold bar and cash

Can Civilization Survive without Sound Money?

Blog8 min ago

Political money is unsound money, and while civilization cannot exist without sound money, it can do without predatory government.

De-Dollarization and the Fall of American Hegemony

03/31/2023Mises Media

Ryan and Tho talk about global moves against the US dollar.

Central Banks Are Creating the Return of Mugabenomics


Robert Mugabe, once president for life of Zimbabwe, became infamous for hyperinflation and political repression. Today, he is becoming the patron saint of central banking.

Wisdom from a Yenta


Philosopher Susan Neiman may be a leftist, but she recognizes the dangers of woke progressivism.

With the Feds, It's the Fox Guarding the Henhouse

03/31/2023Mises Media

Bob is joined by guest Peter St. Onge to discuss how SVB's CEO, as well as Bernie Madoff, had key positions advising the Fed and SEC.

Credit Suisse Collapsed Because of Government Intervention, Not Despite It


The standard narrative around current bank failures is that they occur because of a lack of regulation. Credit Suisse was heavily-regulated; that was the problem.

The Pentagon's Budget from Hell


Defense funding policies are increasingly influenced by weapons contractors who benefit mightily off the sweat and toil of the American taxpayer.

Elizabeth Warren’s Contradictory Demands for Easy Money and Strict Financial Regulation


Elizabeth Warren blames lack of regulation for the latest banking crisis. But she believes that the easy money regime that is really causing the crisis is perfectly fine.



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