The Usual Suspects Are Pushing War with Russia

Blog6 hours ago

The US benefits in no way from a war with Russia. Fortunately, many Americans are less than enthusiastic.


The Betrayal of the American Right

9 hours agoMises Daily Articles
How the American Right evolved from Nockian radical libertarians into a movement that openly declared, "God bless the establishment."

Why Fighting Inflation Is Not a Priority for the Fed


"I get the impression that these people … believe the threat of inflation pales in comparison to climate change and racial inequities."

A New Defense of the Single Tax

01/28/2022Friday Philosophy

Can natural resources be appropriated but still subject to a rental tax?

Understanding the Rothbardian Critique of Free Banking

Does free banking encourage fraud by tolerating fractional reserves? Here's a summary of the debate.

Can State Power Cancel Economic Law?

As much as we may wish to substitute government edicts for markets, the fact is no amount of government control can overturn the realities of economic law.

Washington Still Won't Admit the Real Cause of Price Inflation


If a politician has no clue about what causes price inflation, she probably isn't going to have any idea about how to fix the problem.

Why Price Deflation Is Always Good News


A general decline in prices is good news for wealth generators, since deflation means the economy is cleaning out its bubble-fueled, wealth-destroying activities.

The Fed Has No Real Plan, and Will Likely Soon Chicken Out on Rate Hikes


Powell repeatedly emphasized that the Fed must remain flexible about monetary tightening. Translation: we don't know what's happening and we're likely to reverse course at any time.



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