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America’s "Great Men" and the Constitutional Convention

Blog8 hours ago

The nationalists in favor of a new constitution in 1787 sent their richest, most schooled,  and most "distinguished" men. Fortunately for them, ceteris paribus, the more distinguished any given gathering, the more statist and reactionary it will likely be. 

Faroe Islands, Denmark

If the Nordic Countries Are Socialist, So Are These Less-Impressive Countries

Blog11 hours ago

Have you ever noticed that it's only the wealthy Nordic countries that are singled out as being "socialist"? Places like Greece and Italy, which are more socialistic than Scandinavia, never seem to warrant a mention on this topic. 

When Measured by Real-World Outcomes, Capitalism Delivers


if we actually examine the record of markets versus socialist regimes, we find that markets perform much better in terms of income growth, environmental quality, and the empowerment of women. 

The Bigotry of the Literati

04/13/2021Mises Daily Articles

"The few independent thinkers who have the courage to question these dogmas are virtually outlawed, and their ideas cannot reach the reading public. ... 'progressive' propaganda and indoctrination has well succeeded in enforcing its taboos. "

Printing Money Can't Replace Real Savings


If monetary stimulus could strengthen real economic growth, then world poverty would have been eliminated a long time ago.

India's Crypto-Clueless Regulators


I would be silly to suggest that I know the precise potential of cryptocurrencies, but I would be even sillier if I were to say that the Indian government does.

State Legislatures Are Finally Limiting Governors' Emergency Powers


The covid-19 lockdowns have unexpectedly brought into clear view the fact governors wield immense power over the daily lives of Americans. Some state legislatures have moved to limit this power. Better late than never. 

Critics Claim Bitcoin Is a Threat to the Environment. They're Wrong.


Opponents of bitcoin now claim that bitcoin mining causes global warming and is an environmental threat. But the boom-bust cycles caused by central banks and their fiat money are far worse than any carbon footprint bitcoin can produce.

The Inverted Yield Curve and Recession


Economists have failed to explain the mechanism by which an inverted yield curve signals an impending recession. But the Misesian explanation of the business cycle quite easily explains the pattern we observe in interest rates.



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