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Contra Ben Bernanke, the Gold Standard Promotes Economic Stability

Blog11 hours ago

Ben Bernanke once claimed that a monetary gold standard caused economic instability. He failed to mention that his fiat money standard causes the boom-and-bust cycles.

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How Governments Expropriate Wealth with Inflation and Taxes


Did you feel happy when the government gave you a check paid with printed money? Watch now as your daily groceries, gas and power become unaffordable.

Lord Keynes and Say's Law

06/27/2022Mises Daily Articles

Although they never actually accomplished it, one of the worst things the Keynesians did was convince some people that they had refuted Say's law of markets.

A Critique of Neoclassical and Austrian Monopoly Theory

06/25/2022Mises Daily Articles

One of the most controversial areas in Austrian economics, and one where even long-established Austrian theorists differ sharply, is monopoly theory.

Don't Blame Social Media. Blame the Politicization of Nearly Everything


Although social media is blamed for many social ills, the sickness doesn't come from Twitter or Facebook but from how the ruling classes have politicized life itself.

Markets Promote Real Equality Much More Than Progressive (and Conservative) Critics Claim


A standard criticism of free markets is that markets promote inequality. It is time to debunk that false claim.

A Looming Recession: How Bad Is It?

Ryan McMaken joins Jeff and Bob for a hard look at the economic reality Americans face today.

We're All Nullifiers Now + Roe v. Wade Talk

06/24/2022Mises Media

Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop talk about the increasing decay of federal legitimacy.

The Pigouvian Tax Is a Myth


Standard neoclassical economics texts claim a Pigouvian tax will lead to the "optimal" price and production of a good. But "optimality" is a myth.



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