Ezra Klein's Progressivism Cannot Build Anything Socially Useful


Ezra Klein of the New York Times despairs of government's impotence in building vast projects from energy grids to high-speed rail. He believes granting government absolute power is the answer.

Review of: Deception: The Great Covid Cover-up


While those that foisted the covid lockdowns and restrictions on the public are asking for “forgiveness,” Rand Paul is asking for the truth. Phil Duffy reviews Paul's book documenting governing elites' lies and cover-ups.

Can Milei Really Shut Down Argentina's Central Bank?


Argentina was a rich country made poor by socialism. It needs to abandon socialism to become rich again.

What Would Mises Think? Austria Is Applying (Some) Austrian Economics


While Austria is not the free-market republic Ludwig von Mises hoped it would be, the country has made many steps in the right direction, freeing markets and protecting private property.

The Unknown Reasoner


Do governments make “rational” decisions involving interaction with other governments? As David Gordon points out, rationality involves individual decision-making, not collective action.

The Treasury is Running Out of Creditors

12/01/2023Mises Media

The US Government will face another round of federal debt expansion in 2024, but will there be enough creditors to allow their continued spending?

The Immorality of Protectionism


Protectionists are no better than any run-of-the-mill Progressive who wants more taxes on one group in order to subsidize some other group. There's no moral high ground here for the protectionists, just unfounded self-righteousness.



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