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Silence Is Violence

The Privilege of Politics

Blog44 min ago

In 2020, privilege manifests as political extortion. Push back against these bullies.


Why Racism Can't Explain Europe's Drive for Conquest and Colonial Power

Blog44 min ago

Historically, Europeans had few qualms about conquering and enslaving other Europeans. This presents some problems for the narrative claiming that injustices committed by Europeans are motivated primarily by racism.

How Decades of Media and Faculty Bias Have Pushed America to the Left

Blog5 hours ago

Silicon Valley and the media are moving even further left. This is what is to be expected when a single ideological group controls educational institutions and major media outlets over a period of several decades.

Comedy vs. the State

10/21/2020The Austrian

Nobody in popular culture challenges the official narratives with humor and derision quite like comic Dave Smith.

The Trillion-Dollar F-35 Fighter Program Does Not Make Americans Safer


The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is not worthy of a massive investment by the taxpayer—especially since the program doesn't make Americans any safer. 

How Long Can the Fed Keep This Time Bomb from Exploding?


Although the Fed insists otherwise, the central bank really has no tools left except money creation, and the Fed will keep printing money in a panicky attempt to prevent a financial collapse.

America at the Point of No Return

10/20/2020The Austrian

Anton’s rhetorical talents are remarkable, and I urge everyone to read his book.

Furloughed Jobs Disguise the Eurozone Employment Crisis


Eurozone unemployment would be close to 11 percent if we used the same calculation as the United States.

Pope Francis's Latest Attack on Property: It's a "Secondary Right"


The pope doesn't understand that it is the protection of property rights that secures the common good.



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