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Today's Tech Giants Aren't Really Monopolists


The definition of a monopoly (and therefore of competition) in traditional economic theory is arbitrary. And there are many reasons why big companies with little "competition" are beneficial.

Bitcoin Isn't Any More Dangerous than the Euro


It's a bit rich that European central bankers are decrying the alleged risks and dangers of bitcoin. After all, the euro currency poses many destabilizing dangers and risks of its own for the European economy.

Planned Chaos

12/04/2021Mises Daily Articles

In such proposals as let us raise farm prices, let us raise wage rates, let us lower profits, let us curtail the salaries of executives the "us" ultimately refers to the police.

When Fiat Currency Stops Being Money


If the private sector does not accept a currency as a general means of payment and a store of value, the currency becomes worthless and ceases to be money. Ultimately, it becomes useless paper.

Poland's Beef with the EU Shows the Dangers of Political Centralization


The more the EU micromanages Polish internal affairs and punishes Poland for the simple act of exercising self-determination, more the benefits of leaving the bloc altogether will continue to increase.

Reflections on the Pure Theory of Money of Mr. J.M. Keynes

12/03/2021Mises Daily Articles

Hayek relentlessly scrutinizes and exposes the weak and patchwork structure of Keynes's theoretical arguments and then dismantles it brick by brick, leaving nothing standing.

Equality and Envy


There are many reasons why activists and intellectuals oppose inequality. Envy is one of them.



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