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Robots Won't Destroy Us: How Automation Creates Jobs

Blog1 hour ago

The goods created by automation—and the labor freed up by it—become inputs for industries downstream.

Department of Commerce

The 200th Anniversary of a Great American Demolition of Tyranny


John Taylor's Tyranny Unmasked is one of the best American books on trade by one of the most thoughtful and least appreciated political analysts of the founding era.

Marx, Abstract Labor, and Absurdity

04/09/2021Friday Philosophy

Without the labor theory of value's assumption of a natural price that explains what is “really” going on beneath the veil of supply and demand, there is no mystification involved in capitalist production.

Government Property Is Sacred. Your Property? Not So Much.


The government tantrum over the Capitol riot has shown that the regime sees its own property as sacrosanct. Your private property, on the other hand, is completely expendable and of no importance whatsoever. 

Cannabis Prohibition: Perspectives in Veterinary Medicine

The current cannabis prohibition policy creates scientific backwardness regarding cannabinoid drugs’ benefits and their actual harm. 

The Equality Act's Attack on Religion Is Really about Private Property Rights


Like other "antidiscrimination" schemes, the Equality Act is just another way to to extend federal power over every private institution and aspect of private life. 

What Clarence Thomas Gets Wrong about Big Tech

04/08/2021Power & Market

"Private companies" that openly deplatform, impoverish, and unperson dissident voices are waging a war of attrition

Trust, Corruption, and the Cultural Foundations of Capitalism


Capitalism works well in developing countries when certain cultural obstacles are overcome. But if we ignore the cultural foundations of market institutions, we only succeed in generating contempt for capitalism. 

How the Feds Blackmail Colleges and Universities


It's becoming increasingly clear that Christian schools that accept federal funds will soon have to make a choice between abandoning those funds or fully embracing the ruling class's views of gender politics. 



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