Japanese flag with monetary statistics

Is the Japanese Low Inflation–Low Interest Rate Model at an End?

For nearly three decades, the Japanese economy has slowly imploded under low interest rates and heavy government debt. It may soon be time to pay the piper.

Klaus Schwab

"Stakeholder Capitalism" Is an Incoherent Term


One of the modern progressive buzzwords is "stakeholder capitalism," in which people with no direct connection to a firm somehow have a "stake" in what the firm does. It is an incoherent term.

Social Security Taxes Aren't "Your" Money


The government can't return the SS money it stole in the past. It's impossible. That money's gone. Taxing today's workers to "pay back" pensioners is just creating a new group of tax victims. 

Why the End of the Petrodollar Spells Trouble for the US Regime


By itself, the end of the petrodollar won't destroy the dollar. But it will continue a trend that weakens both the dollar and the US regime's power. 

The End of Monetary Hedonism


What happens to a society when spending is encouraged and saving is for chumps? 

Empty Malls and Shopping Centers: How Government Fuels Malinvestments


The empty shopping mall: a story of how government actions created a huge malinvestment in western Pennsylvania.

Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve


These days, the Fed and Chairman Jerome Powell are claiming the title of "inflation fighters." The more appropriate moniker should be "inflationists."

How Fast Should the Money Supply Grow?


As Murray Rothbard wrote, inflation is not an increase in prices. It is, instead, an increase in the supply of money in circulation. The distinction is important.

How Should a Nation Determine Its Heroes?


How do societies determine who their heroes are? We know that often those seen as heroes actually made a country worse off.



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