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David Gordon is a Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute. He is author of Resurrecting Marx and An Introduction to Economic Reasoning and editor of numerous books including The Essential Rothbard, available in the Mises Store.

David Gordon is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was educated at UCLA, where he earned his PhD in intellectual history. He is the author of Resurrecting Marx: The Analytical Marxists on Exploitation, Freedom, and JusticeThe Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics,An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, and Critics of Marx. He is also editor of Secession, State, and Liberty and co-editor of H.B. Acton'sMorals of Markets and Other Essays.

Dr. Gordon is the editor of The Mises Review, and a contributor to such journals as analysisThe International Philosophic QuarterlyThe Journal of Libertarian Studies, and The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

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Audio/VideoFebruary 9, 2016
Narrated by Millian Quinteros . This audio book is made available through the generosity of Mr. Tyler Folger .

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Resurrecting Marx

BooksJanuary 11, 2016
The collapse of socialism didn't deter the Marxists, who moved on to invent new rationales for their system. But David Gordon has caught up with them, and used the knife of the Austrian School to cut their theories to pieces...

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There's No Such Thing As a Neutral Government

Mises DailyDecember 23, 2015
In his new book Political Illiberalism Peter Simpson poses a fundamental challenge to John Rawls’s Political Liberalism . Though Simpson cannot be classified as a libertarian, his bold arguments will be of great use to all of us who oppose the state...

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The Dreary Utopia of the Socialists

Mises DailyDecember 14, 2015
In a capitalist world, socialists would be free to form their own socialist communities. They're largely free to do so now, although few do. This may be due to the fact that even the utopian version of socialism seems unpleasant...

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Political Illiberalism: A Defense of Freedom by Peter L.P. Simpson

The AustrianDecember 7, 2015
It is remarkable, since Simpson is no libertarian, that his views on the state converge so substantially with views some libertarians have long defended.

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