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David Gordon

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David Gordon is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was educated at UCLA, where he earned his PhD in intellectual history. He is the author of Resurrecting Marx: The Analytical Marxists on Exploitation, Freedom, and JusticeThe Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics,An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, and Critics of Marx. He is also editor of Secession, State, and Liberty and co-editor of H.B. Acton'sMorals of Markets and Other Essays.

Dr. Gordon is the editor of The Mises Review, and a contributor to such journals as analysisThe International Philosophic QuarterlyThe Journal of Libertarian Studies, and The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

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Nozick Once Again

Calculation and KnowledgePhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


If time preference is genetically built into humans, are they double discounting future goods? Does this mean people should stop trying to weigh time in their calculations?

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The Great Reversal: How America Gave Up on Free Markets

Book ReviewsFree MarketsU.S. History

05/21/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
According to Philippon, in some industries Europe has a freer market than America does. The solution is somehow more regulation.
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Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way through the Unfree World

Book Reviews

05/21/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Lawson and Powell have had the happy idea of presenting elementary economics in a humorous way that will appeal to those “turned off” by serious and sober scholarship.
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The Marginal Revolutionaries: How Austrian Economists Fought the War of Ideas

CapitalismHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

05/21/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
David Gordon reviews Janek Wasserman's "The Marginal Revolutionaries" and finds some concerning errors and misunderstandings.
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