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Timothy Terrell is associate professor of economics at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is assistant editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and is an Associated Scholar with the Mises Institute.

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Issues in the Economics of Medical Care


Recorded at Mises University 2016.

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Common Objections to Capitalism

Free MarketsAustrian Economics Overview

From Mises University 2016: Timothy Terrell tears down common criticisms of capitalism.

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Pharmaceutical Prices, Patents, and the FDA

HealthPricesValue and Exchange

08/17/2015Mises Daily Articles
Economist Jeffrey Sachs is complaining that some new drugs cost "too much." But after we sift through all the intellectual property rules, the FDA regs, and the government subsidies, it's impossible to guess what a "correct" price for the drugs might be...

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