Rothbard Graduate Seminar

This program is an intense study of Rothbardian economic analytics, using Man, Economy, and State, as well as supplemental materials. Sponsored by Alice J. Lillie, and hosted at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, 8-13 June 2008.

Download the complete audio of this event (ZIP) here.

Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
Rothbard could have been acclaimed for just his works in history, without all his contributions to economics. The Panic of 1819, America's Great Depression, Conceived In Liberty, History of Economic Thought, and A History of Money and Banking are each structured upon Rothbard's theory of power and...
Mark Thornton
Price controls, product controls, compulsory cartels, licenses, standards, tariffs, child labor laws, conscription, minimum wage laws, subsidies, penalties, anti-trust, conservation laws, patents, public utilities, eminent domain, and bribery are among the many triangular interventions by government...