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Michel Accad, MD, practices cardiology and internal medicine in San Francisco, offering individualized care in a free-market setting. His blog about health care and medicine is He also co-hosts the Accad And Koa Report podcast.

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Stanley Goldfarb on Taking CRT Out of the Exam Room

HealthMedia and Culture

05/03/2022Mises Media
Our guest is Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, author of the recently-released T ake Two Aspirins and Call Me By My Pronouns , a book that details the intrusion of critical race theory and identity politics into medical education and medical practice.
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Tracy Høeg on the Antiscience of School Closures


01/04/2022Mises Media
Our guest is Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD, who has made remarkable research contributions pertaining to SARS-COV2 transmission in schools and to vaccine-related myocarditis.
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That Bangladesh Mask Study!


12/01/2021Mises Media
Our guest is Ben Recht, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, who recently got hold of and analyzed the raw data from the Bangladesh cluster randomized control trial of masking which made headlines in September.
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Jenin Younes on Legal Challenges to Vaccine Mandates


11/30/2021Mises Media
Jenin Younes joins Dr. Accad and Dr. Koka to discuss her involvement in advocacy and in legal challenges against vaccine mandates.
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Jay Bhattacharya on Public Health


10/12/2021Mises Media
Our guest is Euzebiusz (Zeb) Jamrozik, MD, PhD. His academic work on infectious disease ethics is focused on vaccines, vector-borne disease, and drug resistance.
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