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Michel Accad, MD, practices cardiology and internal medicine in San Francisco, offering individualized care in a free-market setting. His blog about health care and medicine is He also co-hosts the Accad And Koa Report podcast.

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Brain Death: Challenges and Responses


10/25/2020Mises Media
Does it matter if we call irreversibly comatose patients “dead?” Our guest is Doyen Nguyen who authored a 600-page monograph that takes a critical look at brain death from a variety of perspectives.
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The Great Barrington Declaration: A Few Words of Caution

Big GovernmentHealthPolitical Theory


Although the recommendations of the Great Barrington Declaration would be an improvement over the status quo, the declaration grants far too much power to the state to act in pursuit of an alleged "common good."

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David Heymann and Paul Fine: Herd Immunity Models and Realities


10/06/2020Mises Media
Professor Heymann and Professor Fine, along with colleague Ken Eames, have co-authored an landmark review paper on the concept of herd immunity.
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Sally Satel: Should Med Schools Teach Antiracism?

EducationHealthMedia and Culture

09/30/2020Mises Media
Our guest is physician and author Sally Satel, MD. She has written widely in academic journals on topics in psychiatry and medicine, and has testified before Congress on veterans’ issues, mental health policy, drug courts, and health disparities.
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Damian Carabello on Surprise Billing: Through the Looking Glass

Cronyism and CorporatismHealthPolitical Theory

09/17/2020Mises Media
Dr. Damian Carabello discusses the depths insurance companies go to make sure they end up on top.
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