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Tags War and Foreign Policy

Scott Horton is the director of The Libertarian Institute and author of Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism.

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The Israeli State's Assault on Gaza Must Stop

02/07/2024Power & Market
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Scott Horton on Osama Bin Laden's Strategy to Take Down the US

War and Foreign Policy

04/21/2021Mises Media
Scott Horton and Bob largely focus on Osama Bin Laden's strategy for drawing the U.S. into unwinnable wars. They also discuss the role of Israel in U.S. foreign policy.
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Scott Horton on His New Book Enough Already

Book ReviewsU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

01/23/2021Mises Media
Scott Horton joins Jeff Deist for a sobering look at American hubris overseas, along with the blowback and destruction it causes. You don't want to miss this conversation.
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Propaganda and the 2020 Foreign Policy Debate

Big GovernmentWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

11/11/2019Mises Media
Scott Horton speaks at the 2019 Ron Paul Symposium in Lake Jackson, Texas.
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Scott Horton Discusses Who’s to Blame in Venezuela, and Explains the Carnage in the Middle East

05/24/2019Mises Media
Scott Horton returns to the podcast to share his wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics—including his unhappiness with Bob's recent episode on Ilhan Omar.
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