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Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute. For many years he was an advisor to Ron Paul and a tax attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions for private equity clients. He was also Congressman Paul’s chief of staff during the 2012 election, and his press secretary in Congress from 2000 to 2006.

What Must Be Done?

November 26, 2015
Jeff Deist lays out four possible strategic options for Libertarians.

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Louis Rouanet: The Paris Terror Attacks

November 20, 2015
Jeff Deist and Louis Rouanet discuss the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

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Tom DiLorenzo: PC on Campus

November 13, 2015
Jeff Deist and Tom DiLorenzo discuss PC cancer that is spreading across campuses and universities in America.

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Four Ways to Build a Free Society

November 10, 2015
What is the best way to fight the leviathan state? Is it through politics, culture, or secession? There are benefits to each approach, but the way to success lies with decentralization and in building a strong society as an alternative to the state.

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What Must Be Done

November 7, 2015
Recorded at the Mises Circle in Phoenix, Arizona.

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