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Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public speaker, and advocate for property, markets, and civil society. He previously worked as a longtime advisor and chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, for whom he wrote hundreds of articles and speeches. In his years with Dr. Paul he worked with countless grassroots activists and organizations dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government.

Jeff also spent many years as a tax attorney advising private equity clients on mergers and acquisitions. 

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The Prospects for Soft Secession in America

AnarchyAnti-PoliticsDecentralization and SecessionLibertarianismLegal SystemProperty Rights


Is this trend toward soft secession necessarily illiberal? Is the potential for creating more states or political subdivisions, even if smaller and less sclerotic, moving us further from an idealized Hoppean private community model?

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Murray Sabrin's New Book on Escaping Medical Fascism

Big GovernmentBook ReviewsHealth

09/10/2021Mises Media
On the heels of Biden's vaccine mandate announcement, Dr. Murray Sabrin joins the show to discuss his new book on escaping the state's medical fascism.
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Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim

Book ReviewsEducationMedia and Culture

09/03/2021Mises Media
Jeff Deist and Allen Mendenhall discuss the academic pretenses and foibles punctured by Kingsley Amis in his seminal send-up of campus life, Lucky Jim .
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Mark Spitznagel's Safe Haven

Financial MarketsCalculation and Knowledge

08/26/2021Mises Media
Robert Murphy joins the show for a fascinating look at Mark Spitznagel's new book Safe Haven . If you're interested in the intersection of investing and Austrian economics, don't miss this episode!
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