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Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public speaker, and advocate for property, markets, and civil society. He takes particular interest in private legal systems and private money as tools for radically decentralizing political power. He previously worked on the congressional staff of Congressman Ron Paul, for whom he wrote hundreds of articles and speeches. In his years with Dr. Paul he worked with countless grassroots activists and organizations dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government.

Jeff also spent many years as an attorney advising private equity clients on mergers and acquisitions. 

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How Banking Could Work

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and Banks

0 sec agoMises Media
Jeff and Bob walk through the mechanics of how a full reserve bank could work in a truly free market based on the concepts and taxonomy of Mises’s Theory of Money and Credit .
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The Fed's Malfeasance after SVB

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and Banks

03/18/2023Mises Media
Did the central bank break the law by effectively authorizing unsecured loans to banks based on the face value — rather than significantly lower market value —o f those banks' Treasury holdings?
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Help Us Publish Professor Hülsmann's New Book


Only the unhampered capitalist economy allows full and unfettered charity to flourish in society. Dr. Hülsmann’s new book makes the case for private property, sound money, and private charity as the building blocks for a healthy society.

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A Permanent Wartime Economy?

Central BanksThe FedGlobal EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyMoney Supply

03/10/2023Mises Media
Can national treasuries essentially adopt a permanent wartime footing and print far more money without consequence ?
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