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Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

AwardsGeorge F. Koether Free Market Writing AwardO.P. Alford III Prize in Political Economy

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Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute. He is the author, most recently, of Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse. His other books include the New York Times bestsellers Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse and The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, as well as Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, 33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask, and The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy.

Question and Answer Period

October 3, 2015
Speaker panel featuring Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, and Jeff Deist.

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Political Correctness and the Argument from Intimidation

October 3, 2015
Recorded at the Mises Circle in Dallas-Fort Worth on 3 October 2015.

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Tom Woods: How Mises Changed My Life

July 31, 2015
Recorded at Mises University 2015, Tom discusses the impact that Mises has had on his life, his time as a summer fellow at the Mises Institute, and the importance of the Mises Institute in spreading the ideas of liberty.

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How Mises Changed My Life

July 25, 2015
Includes comments and an introduction by Jeff Deist. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 25 July 2015.

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