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C.Jay Engel is an investment advisor at The Sullivan Group, an independent, Austrian-School oriented, wealth management firm in northern California. He is especially interested in wealth preservation in our era of rogue Central Banking. He is an avid reader of the Austro-libertarian literature and a dedicated proponent of private property and sound money. Visit his economic blog,

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FOMC Minutes: More of the Same

The FedGlobal Economy

6 hours agoFedWatch
The FOMC minutes revealed a Fed that doesn't know what to do, but pretends like everything's under control.

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Why the "Experts" Can't Agree About Fed Rate Hikes

The FedMonetary Theory

When should the Fed raise rates? Mainstream economists rely on statistics, but reject the necessary theory by which to interpret.

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Stanley Fischer's Eureka Moment

The FedInterventionismMonetary Theory

Stanley Fischer almost learns a lesson about econometric models, but just does not get it.

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Yellen To Congress: We'll do Something Someday

The FedU.S. Economy

Janet Yellen testified before Congress and was as bland and predictable as ever: still uncertain, still has no clue what to do.

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Showdown: Yellen and Trump

The FedMoney and Banks

There is bubbling tension between the Trump vision and the Bernanke-Yellen monetary regime.

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