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Stephan Livera

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Stephan Livera (@stephanlivera) is an Austro-libertarian writer and host of the Stephan Livera Podcast. Professionally, he is an Australian Chartered Accountant and works as a technology auditor in financial services.

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What Crypto "Token Velocity Theorists" Can Learn From Austrian Economics

01/21/2020Power & Market

Saleableness, not velocity, is the key to understanding the value of cryptocurrencies.

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Carl Menger on Currency Durability: A Lesson on Cryptos?

Money and BanksMoney and Banking


Assessing cryptocurrencies through a framework of "saleableness" may help us understand why some cryptocurrencies are chosen for speculation above others.

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Jeff Deist on Money in the 21st Century

Bureaucracy and RegulationMoney and Banks

Jeff Deist and Stephan Livera discuss money in an era of crazed monetary policy.
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The True Costs (and Unseen Benefits) of Bitcoin Mining

Money and Banks


Claims that private-money production is too expensive usually ignore the many costs of a government-controlled money system.

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