Foundations of Libertarian Ethics

Presented by Roderick T. Long, this ten-lecture seminar surveys the praxeological foundations of libertarian ethics. Hosted at the Mises Institute, 26-30 June 2006.

Download the complete audio of this event (ZIP) here.

Roderick T. Long
Why should I care about anyone else but myself? We each have our own values to pursue. Is all valuation relative or neutral? The values we actually use seem to be agent neutral. We endorse these values both for ourselves and for others. Hobbes says that in a state of nature it is legitimate for...
Roderick T. Long
Everyone has an ultimate end. What should the content of this end be? No concept of happiness exists without integrating the interest of others. Being an agent is being a living organism. Living organisms have needs. Aristotle feels humans are neither beasts nor God. Morality requires a minimum of...