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Dinero y Banca

Presented at Mises University 2019.
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Bob Nails Krugman's Perverse Morality on Infrastructure Spending

Gran GobiernoImpuestos y GastoEconomía de EEUU

Bob Murphy discusses Krugman's shocking willingness to harm the country—as long as it denies Trump a political victory.
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Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez Declare War on the Poor

Dinero y BancosPobreza

By slapping new regulations on high-interest credit cards, Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez will just prevent high-risk borrowers from getting loans.
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Barriers to De-Socialization in the USSR

Economía GlobalEstrategiaEconomía de EEUU

Presented in 1990, Yuri N. Maltsev describes the miserable standard of living in the Soviet Union and explains how the economy could be fully privatized.
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Bitcoin, Gold, and the Battle for Sound Money

La Reserva FederalEconomía GlobalDinero y BancosEconomía de EEUU

Bitcoin is a shot across the bow at government’s monopoly control of money. While no one in the US appreciates the direction money is going, others are waking up.
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Brexit's Downsides Are Caused by Our Own Government

Economía Global

Brexit and decentralization are good things, but the unfortuante truth is that harmful post-Brexit policies are equally likely to be imposed by the UK’s own government as by the European bureaucracy.
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Billionaires Aren't Quite As Rich as We Think They Are

Teoría Política

If the Wal-Mart CEO were to take a $1 salary and the company were to spread that over each of the company's workers, each worker would receive a one-time bonus of $10.
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Bridging Health and Community with Pritpal Tamber


Today's guest is Dr. Pritpal Tamber, a physician who has devoted his career to better understanding what it means to live in a healthy community.
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Bob Luddy on Entrepreneurial Specialization

El EmprendedorEmpresarialidad

Entrepreneur Bob Luddy explains his strategies for success in the commercial kitchen ventilation industry.
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Bob Luddy sobre especialización empresarial

El EmprendedorEmpresarialidad

El empresario Bob Luddy explica sus estrategias para el éxito en la industria de ventilación de cocinas comerciales.
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