Fellowship in Residence

Fellows 2023

Fellowships in Residence at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, are available to graduate students and post-docs interested in scientific research in the Austrian school and libertarian political economy.

These Fellowships offer a unique opportunity for full-time research and writing in a particular area of specialization under the guidance of Institute faculty. The program targets students seeking careers as academic educators and researchers, though students interested in finance and business are also encouraged to apply.

Generous sponsors enable the Mises Institute to provide Research Fellows with a single occupancy apartment on the Mises Institute campus, an office at the Mises Institute, directed research from Institute faculty, admission to Rothbard Graduate Seminar and Mises University, access to the Institute’s vast library (including Murray Rothbard’s private library) and to Auburn University library, a stipend, and transportation between the Atlanta airport and the Mises Institute.

Residency runs from mid-May until early August. NOTE: Attendance is required at Rothbard Graduate Seminar in early June and at Mises University in mid-July.

Maria Noelia Romero, a 2023 Research Fellow writes, “The Summer Fellowship is a unique opportunity for graduate students to work on their theses and dissertations and receive comments and suggestions from the excellent faculty of Mises Institute and peers in the fellowship. Also, one can attend the Rothbard Graduate Seminar and Mises U events, which are held in the summer. During these events, one has the chance to participate in classes on Austrian economics and meet other students with similar research interests. Finally, the best part of the program is the optimal work/life balance -- expect to get a lot of research done while also studying Austrian economics and enjoying fun activities in Auburn.”

Manuel García Gojon, a 2021, 2022, and 2023 Research Fellow shares, “The Research Fellowship at the Mises Institute is the flagship academic program and the world’s leading source of academics in the Austrian School of Economics. Here, we get a clear sense of belonging and a robust scholarly community. Each Research Fellow has their own project, but through the workshop sessions and through informal conversations we are able to give and receive constructive feedback from the Faculty and other Fellows. The ideal applicant is someone who is passionate about their research and about the intellectual legacy of Ludwig von Mises.”

How to Apply

To apply for a Fellowship, visit this application page. Once on the application page, you can complete the application form and submit the required documents using the simple upload feature. Deadline for submission is February 9, 2024. Applications received after February 10 will be considered as space permits. All applicants will be notified of the status of completed applications on February 23, 2024.

Required application documents

  • completed application
  • unofficial transcript
  • copy of student ID
  • two academic letters of recommendation
  • an academic writing sample
  • detailed proposal of the research you wish to conduct during the summer if a fellowship is granted

Application Guidelines

Writing Sample

A sample of academic writing, either a paper written for a class or a BA or MA thesis, or articles published on Mises.org or Lewrockwell.com. Any length. Applicants are not expected to write something original specifically for this application.

Research Proposal

The research proposal should include an explanation of the topic; sources to date (articles, books); the methodology (deductive, historical, empirical); the data (if applicable) of the study you plan to use; and a statement about the rationale of the research: what is the problem or issue that you are addressing, why it is important, why past attempts to solve it have been inadequate or nonexistent, and how your research will contribute to its solution. Suggested length 3-5 pages, stylistic format of your choice.

Letters of Recommendation

These two letters should address your academic strengths that go beyond what is recorded in the university transcript. Particularly helpful are comments on your interest in Austrian economics or Austrian scholarship in general. Additionally, if you are an undergraduate, these letters should address your commitment to and capacity for pursuing a graduate degree. If you are a graduate student, the letters should address the quality of your research and potential to make contributions in your academic field. If your professors wish to send these letters privately, they can be emailed to fellowships@mises.org.

Questions? Email Felicia Jones (felicia@mises.org).

Sponsor a Fellow

Your tax-deductible gift of $15,000 will sponsor a named Fellowship position at the Mises Institute. To make a donation and have a Fellowship named in your honor or in honor of your loved ones, contact Kristy Holmes, Development Manager at donate@mises.com or 334-321-2101, or use the online donation form.

Distinguished Former Fellows

Many of the hundreds of former Mises Institute Fellows have distinguished themselves in the academic world and are influential in fostering interest in and understanding of Austrian economic theory and libertarian philosophy.

Among the distinguished former Fellows are: