Censorship and Official Lies: The End of Truth in America?

Censorship and Official Lies: Lake Jackson 2024

The State is tightening its stranglehold on its own narrative as its web of lies unravels. The government’s lapdogs in the news media continue to bark and howl on TV even though a majority of American households have cut the cord. And of course, nothing resembling the truth can be heard in the softball press conferences at the White House and the Federal Reserve.

Suppression and censorship are the tools of a regime that is fearful and hostile to the truth. Perhaps the easiest way to discern the truth in all the chaos is to doubt everything the government says.

Featuring Ron Paul, Tom DiLorenzo, Daniel McAdams, and Ryan McMaken. This event was co-hosted by the Mises Institute and the Ron Paul Institute, and recorded in Lake Jackson, Texas, on April 13, 2024.