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How I Came to Austrian Economics


The opening lecture of the 2015 Mises University.
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How Truly Free Markets Help the Poor

Gran GobiernoLibre MercadoPropiedad Privada

Free markets have provided an abundance of goods and comforts for even low-income households. But constant government intervention in the work, lives, and incomes of the poor continues to create many barriers to economic success, writes Ryan McMaken. See here , here , and here for more information...
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How Economic Aggregation Hides the Problems of Interventionism

Gran GobiernoImpuestos y GastoIntervencionismo

Government likes to put out lots of data showing things like income and employment for huge numbers of people. The problem is, this tells us almost nothing about how real-life people are hurt or helped by government intervention, writes Gary Galles. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Robert Hale.
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How Government Helped Create the Coming Doctor Shortage

Gran GobiernoSalud

If we want to lower the cost of health care, we should seek to increase the availability of health care services, including increases in trained medical personnel. Government, however, acts repeatedly to prevent the entry of more doctors into the marketplace, writes Logan Albright. This audio Mises...
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How Free Markets Enhance Freedom of Choice

Gran GobiernoEl EmprendedorValor e Intercambio

Our daily lives are determined by our choices as individual economic actors. When governments intervene in our personal economics, they intervene in our personal preferences and choices, writes Hunter Hastings. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Dianna Keiler.
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How Greek Default May Still Unravel the EU

Economía GlobalDinero y Bancos

The Greeks may still default, and that would mean big trouble not so much for Greece as for other EU member states who will be on the hook for even more bailouts, writes Frank Hollenbeck. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Robert Hale.
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Has the Oil Bubble Popped?

Auges y DeclivesMercado FinancieroEconomía Global

Interviewed by host Albert Lu, Mark Thornton talks about the collapse in oil prices.
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Human Action: A Treatise on Economics

Introducción a la Economía Austriaca

Mises's great treatise on political economy. Download the complete audio book.
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How Skyscrapers Can Indicate Economic Contraction

Auges y DeclivesEconomía GlobalHistoria de EEUU

Interviewed by Mo Dawoud of the Wall St for Main St podcast, Mark Thornton explains his prediction of the housing bubble in 2004. They also discuss the 'Skyscraper Curse'.
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