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Gold and Bank Secrecy

Introducción a la Economía Austriaca

The gold standard is not a game but a social institution. Its working does not depend on the preparedness of any people to observe some arbitrary rules. It is controlled by the operation of inexorable economic law, writes Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973). This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Jeff...
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Government Bailouts: Picking Winners

Gran GobiernoAuges y DeclivesBienestar CorporativoIntervencionismo

Presented by Walter Block at "Recovery or Stagnation?," the Mises Circle in San Francisco; sponsored by Mark L. Hart, III, and hosted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Includes an introduction by Douglas E. French. Recorded Saturday, August 29th, 2009.
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Government: The Cause of—and Solution to—All Our Problems

Gran GobiernoAuges y DeclivesEconomía de EEUU

Sometimes I wish our overlords would get their stories straight. First, Alan Greenspan told us it was impossible to tell if a bubble existed at any given time. Now we have Barack Obama insisting that not only can we detect bubbles, but we can also deflate them with sufficient dispatch to prevent...
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Global Currency and Central Banking

Economía GlobalDinero y BancosTeoría MonetariaValor e Intercambio

Sponsored by the Mises Institute and held in Houston, Texas; September 22-23, 1995.
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Gold and Free Market Banking

Libre MercadoPatrón OroValor e Intercambio

Presented at the Mises Institute's first conference, November 16-17, 1983; in Washington, DC.
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Gold's Not Dead

Dinero y BancosPatrón OroValor e Intercambio

Recorded at the Toronto Stock Exchange; September 16-17, 1999. [20:57]
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Gold and the Good Guys: A Short History of American Thinkers on Money

Economía de EEUUHistoria de EEUUIntroducción a la Economía AustriacaPatrón OroDinero y Banca

Recorded at the Mises Institute Supporters Summit, 31 October 2008; Auburn, Alabama. Includes an introduction by Mark Thornton.
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