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Economic Nationalism Is a Philosophy of War

Libre MercadoGuerra y Política ExteriorTeoría del Capital y el InterésFilosofía y MetodologíaTeoría de la Producción

It is certainly true that our age is full of conflicts which generate war. However, these conflicts do not spring from the operation of the unhampered market society. It is not capitalism that produces them but anticapitalistic policies, writes Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973). T his audio Mises Daily...
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Edgar Z. Friedenberg: Deference to Authority

Friedenberg was among those who regarded US participation in the Vietnam War as an abomination. He had begun expressing his outrage in print in the mid-'60s, though most of it was directed at American public schools rather than at American foreign policy...
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Economic Reasoning: The Most Common Fallacies


Logical mistakes in common economic arguments; confusions about use of ethics in economics. Recorded at Mises University 2010.
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Environmental and Resource Economics

Gran GobiernoEl Medio AmbienteTeoría FiscalPropiedad Privada

Covers the problems of government intervention into pollution and natural resource use issues, emphasizing importance of private property and individual liberty in producing desirable outcomes. Recorded at Mises University 2010.
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Economics and Its Ethical Assumptions

Filosofía y MetodologíaTeoría PolíticaSubjetivismo

Why value-subjectivism in economics doesn’t imply value-subjectivism in ethics, and might even imply the reverse. Recorded at Mises University 2010.
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Recorded at Mises University 2010. Includes an introduction by Mark Thornton.
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Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

No other woman in America ever had to suffer such persistent persecution.
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Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell (1903–1950)

One doesn't have to read far into the works of George Orwell to discover that he had no understanding of economics whatsoever and was not personally a libertarian in the sense we have in mind when we use that word today...
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Economics and Literature: A Tribute and Celebration

Presented by Paul A. Cantor at the 2010 Austrian Scholars Conference. Includes the presentation of the annual O.P. Alford Prize in Libertarian Scholarship ($1,000), an introduction by Jeffrey Tucker, and closing remarks by former Mises Institute president Douglas French. The ASC is the...
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