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Defending the Undefendable

Libre Mercado

One of the most famous of the great defenses of victimless crimes and controversial economic practices. Download the complete audio book (35 MP3 audio files) in a single zip file.
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David Gordon: Thinkers Who Challenged the State

Medios y CulturaFilosofía y MetodologíaTeoría Política

In less than 20 minutes David Gordon surveys Plato, Aristotle, Stoic philosopher Zeno of Citium, Frenchman Frederic Bastiat, Franz Oppenheimer, and Albert Jay Nock.
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Diversity in Goals Brings Diversity in Value

PreciosValor e Intercambio

Every person has different goals for himself, which means everyone will value differently the means to attain those ends. No central planner can know these goals and values, writes Frank Shostak. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Dianna Keiler.
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Do We Need a Lender of Last Resort?

Auges y DeclivesBienestar CorporativoLa Reserva FederalIntervencionismo

Do we really want central banks that reward insolvency and encourage inefficiency?
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Debate: Government Spending Can Play an Important Role in Boosting Economic Growth

Impuestos y GastoEconomía de EEUUFilosofía y MetodologíaTeoría Política

The great debate between Keynesians and Austrians enters the digital age with the Mises Academy's first ever online formal debate, between economists Karl Smith (Assistant Professor of Public Economics and Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Robert P. Murphy (Adjunct...
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Drug Warriors Claim Colorado Going to Pot

Sistema LegalCálculo y ConocimientoTeoría del Capital y el Interés

Drug warriors rely on bad and manipulated data to make the claim that respecting private property rights in Colorado is “terrible public policy,” writes Mark Thornton. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Keith Hocker.
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David Farrer: A Scottish Libertarian Deconstructs the Vote

Teoría Política

Jeff Deist and David Farrer deconstruct Thursday’s referendum vote from a libertarian perspective.
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Dr. David Howden: Let Banks Fail! (Central and Otherwise)

La Reserva FederalMercado FinancieroCiclos Económicos

Jeff Deist and David Howden discuss the history of banking in America before 1913 and the entanglements of the Federal Reserve.
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Dr. Philipp Bagus: The Tragedy of the Euro

Economía GlobalDinero y Bancos

Jeff Deist and Philip Bagus discuss the history and possible future of the Euro, and the ECB under Draghi.
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Don’t Assume What Is "Unseen" Doesn’t Exist

Cálculo y ConocimientoFilosofía y Metodología

Economists often rely on the assumption of “other things equal.” The problem arises when politicians ignore the economy and unintended results, writes Gary Galles. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Allan Davis.
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