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Origins of War: Civil War and World War I

Guerra y Política ExteriorHistorial MundialTeoría Política

Mises was well-versed in history, but many economists are not. History must be understood and revised. Wilson distorted the truth about how America entered WWI. The propaganda was not to be questioned. Wrong lessons are taught. The 1929 depression was displayed as proof that the free market had...
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Origins of Science in the Age of Faith

Historial MundialCálculo y Conocimiento

Lessl’s field is rhetoric. The history of the relationship between faith and science shifted when the theological nucleus was removed and science was inserted. Rhetoric was left behind. Faith was erased in the middle of the nineteenth century. Kant was intensely hostile to Catholicism. He wanted to...
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On Money

Dinero y BancosIntroducción a la Economía AustriacaDinero y BancaValor e Intercambio

Human cooperation means that everybody tries to contribute to the improvement of human conditions. It is in the market that I give something in order that you give something. Exchange leads to higher standards of living. Voluntary exchanges create civilization.
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