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On Milton Friedman

BiografíasOtras Escuelas de Pensamiento

Recorded 21 April 1970. Includes an introduction by Percy Greaves. Special thanks to Bettina Bien Greaves for making this important recording available.
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On the Ethics of Paying Organ Donors: An Economics Perspective

SaludSistema LegalDinero y BancosTeoría Política

Presented as part of the Mises Institute's Brown Bag Seminar series on April 21, 2005 in Auburn, Alabama.
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On the Need to Raise Taxes in Alabama

Impuestos y GastoTeoría Política

Presented as part of the Brown Bag Seminar series. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 13 January 2005.
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Our Weapon of Mass Creation

La Reserva FederalIntervencionismoTeoría de la Producción

Recorded 10/15/2004 at Radical Scholarship: The Guerrilla Movement for Liberty. [35:10]
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On Libertarian Political Philosophy

Filosofía y MetodologíaTeoría Política

Presented on 29 September 2004 at the Library of the Metropolitan Club, New York, New York. Sponsored by Mr. Kenneth M. Garschina.
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