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Rothbard's The Ethics of Liberty Finale with Roberta Modugno

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06/25/2021Jeff DeistRoberta A. Modugno

Professor Roberta Modugno joins the show to finish our look at Rothbard's seminal treatise on normative libertarianism, The Ethics of Liberty. Dr. Modugno elaborates on Rothbard's disagreements with Mises regarding ethical justifications for a free society, and defends his uncompromising views on the nature of the state.

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Contact Jeff Deist

Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute. He previously worked as chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, and as an attorney for private equity clients. Contact: email; Twitter.

Contact Roberta A. Modugno

Roberta Modugno is professor history of political thought at the Roma Tre University. A scholar of American libertarianism, she is the author of several works on Murray N. Rothbard and edited the collection of Rothbard’s papers, Rothbard versus the Philosophers: Unpublished Writings on Hayek, Mises, Strauss, and Polanyi.

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