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Government Schools Are Propaganda Machines

Big GovernmentEducationMedia and CultureProgressivism


While people often associate propaganda with dictatorial regimes, American public education has created a propaganda machine that Stalin would have envied.

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The Double-Edged Sword of School Choice

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationEducationTaxes and Spending


School choice would seem to have benefits, but as Thomas Sowell says: “There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.” Enthusiastic “school choice” proponents forget that with government money comes government control.

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Don’t Let Your Adversaries Raise Your Children

Bureaucracy and RegulationEducationLegal SystemSocialism


As government schools continue to propagate collectivist ideology, it is time for more parents to declare their independence and homeschool their children.

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A Field Guide to Dubious Fact-Checking

EducationMedia and CulturePoliticsProgressivism


Fact-checking has become a veritable industry in the media. However, the conclusions of “fact checkers” mysteriously seem to align with the opinions of elites. That’s their story, and political, educational, and social elites are sticking to it.

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Headline Math, Women’s Wages, and a Very Bad Deal in Higher Education

Bureaucracy and RegulationEducationLabor and WagesMedia and Culture


Higher education promotes itself as the leader in equitable outcomes, but the reality is quite different, especially when it comes to women.

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The Anti-Semitism Controversy on College Campuses Is the Direct Result of Identity Politics

Big GovernmentEducationMedia and CulturePolitics


The recent campus protests following the Hamas-Israel conflict have been framed as either antiapartheid or anti-Semitic. The conflict is much deeper, being rooted in toxic identity politics.

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The Legacy of Legacy Admissions Is Not What the Critics Claim

EducationMedia and Culture


Critics of college legacy admissions claim that the practice is racist and admits undeserving students. The longer-term results of such admissions show why colleges continue to employ them.

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Ten Years Ago, I Discovered the Mises Institute. These Are the Things I Wish I Had Done Differently

EducationMedia and CulturePhilosophy


Ten years ago, I discovered the Mises Institute. This is the advice I wish I could send back to my younger self.

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The Cost of College and Accompanying Student Debt Create a Negative Social ROI

Economic PolicyEducationSocialismU.S. Economy


Student debt is a huge social problem, but the reason is that higher education costs themselves have become a major problem and are a financial burden whose costs outweigh its benefits.

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Why Barbados Advanced Economically While Jamaica's Growth Lagged

DemocracyEconomic FreedomEducation


Even though Barbados and Jamaica had more similarities than differences when they became independent of Great Britain, Barbados developed its economy much more quickly.

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