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Dr. Roberta Adelaide Modugno is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and professor of History of Political Thought at Roma Tre University. She published several books, essays, and articles in Italy and abroad. She edited Rothbard versus the Philosophers. Unpublished Writings on Hayek, Mises, Strauss and Polanyi (Mises Institute, 2009). She is now working on the crisis of democracy and on a critical edition of a selection of Rothbard's Papers.

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Rothbard's The Ethics of Liberty Finale with Roberta Modugno

EducationProperty RightsPhilosophy and Methodology

06/25/2021Mises Media
Dr. Roberta Modugno and Jeff Deist finish examining Rothbard's The Ethics of Liberty . Dr. Modugno elaborates on Rothbard's disagreements with Mises regarding ethical justifications for a free society, and defends his uncompromising views on the nature of the state.
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Nock and Mencken on Democracy and Equality

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


The egalitarian society is pledged to common cultural values resulting in a rigorous homogeneity. Thus, a man who stands in contempt of the prevailing ideology has no rights under the law.

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The Libertarian Legacy of the Old Right: Democracy and Representative Government

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

01/20/2020The Journal of Libertarian Studies
What is the relationship between libertarianism and democracy? This article unveils a well-consolidated tradition of criticism of democracy within libertarian political philosophy.
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The Levellers: The First Libertarians

The English Levellers transformed vague notions of natural law into the firmly individualistic concepts of natural rights for every human being.
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England's Levellers: The World's First Libertarian Movement

World History

09/07/2014The Free Market
The first-ever libertarians were the Levellers, an English political movement active in the seventeenth century.
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