Property Rights

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The Inca Empire: An Indigenous Leviathan State

Property RightsTaxes and SpendingWorld History


The Inca Empire is an excellent example of a Leviathan that brought about its own demise. So oppressive was the regime that it's no wonder the Spaniards found many enemies willing to help topple the empire.

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Kyle Rittenhouse and the Evil of Generalized Justice

LawMedia and CulturePhilosophyProperty RightsPrivate Property


Will guilt or innocence in criminal trials increasingly hinge on broader desirable social justice outcomes?

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Why Interventionist Economists Love to Talk about Externalities

Property Rights


Step 1: claim that only government can solve the problem of "externalities." Step 2: claim that externalities are everywhere. Step 3: send in bureaucrats to solve every "problem" caused by externalities.

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The Prospects for Soft Secession in America

AnarchyAnti-PoliticsDecentralization and SecessionLibertarianismLegal SystemProperty Rights


Is this trend toward soft secession necessarily illiberal? Is the potential for creating more states or political subdivisions, even if smaller and less sclerotic, moving us further from an idealized Hoppean private community model?

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Native Americans Had a Lot More Private Property than You Think

Property RightsU.S. HistoryPrivate Property


Many scholars employ excessively narrow notions of homesteading which wrongly suggest that virtually all Indian hunting grounds and food sources were "unowned."  

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Why So Many Americans Reject Legal Due Process in the Age of Covid

Property Rights


This new turn toward obedience to expert-fueled executive power didn’t appear from nowhere. Society has long been moving toward a model of society in which outcomes are more important than the protection of natural rights. 

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Pandemics, Infection, and Libertarianism

HealthProperty Rights


When we think in terms of the foundational law of property, it's clear that broad charges of aggression through infection are spurious at best.

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Private Investment Is the Answer to Declining Postindustrial Towns

Free MarketsProperty RightsU.S. History


Many people want the state to take the lead in revitalizing run-down towns. How does this make sense, when it is private industry that conceived these towns in the first place?

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A Libertarian Approach to Disputed Land Titles

Property Rights


Rothbard gives us the rough foundation of justice, but only common law juries—temporalized and local—can fill in the gaps.

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How Covid Put an End to Your Right to Due Process

Property Rights


The covid panic brought an end to due process in many ways. Among these are the end of speedy trials and the end of a timely hearing for landlords to obtain evictions. Meanwhile, governments have seized private businesses with no due process at all. 

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