The Human Action Podcast

The Human Action Podcast

The Human Action Podcast features in-depth interviews on current topics in economics through an Austro-libertarian lens.

Rothbard's Anatomy of the State

04/16/2021Mises Media

Anatomy of the State is a book that everyone, from anarchist to statist, needs to read and consider.

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Allen Mendenhall—Is Intellectualism Dead?

04/01/2021Mises Media

Are we living in a decidedly anti-intellectual age, or has America always been predisposed toward doers over thinkers? Don't miss this fascinating but sobering discussion.

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Daniel McCarthy on the Prospects for Fusionism

03/26/2021Mises Media

Daniel McCarthy joins the show to continue last week's discussion of the rapid breakdown of America's political order, with wokeism rising on the Left and Reaganism dying on the Right.

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Donald Devine on the Enduring Tension

03/19/2021Mises Media

Channeling Hayek, Devine argues that markets are critical but not sufficient. Free and equal individualism requires a mythos and a logos, a moral order rooted in God, morality, law, or tradition—otherwise we devolve into warring factions

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Daniel Lacalle on Freedom or Equality

03/05/2021Mises Media

If leaders are serious about economic recovery after lockdowns, they need to dispense with authoritarian controls and let markets work. Daniel Lacalle considers interest rates, inequality, stakeholder theory, global debt, and much more in this powerful discussion of today's economic reality.  

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Dr. Philipp Bagus on the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria

02/26/2021Mises Media

Echoing Hoppe and public choice theory, Professor Philipp Bagus explains how politicians enjoy asymmetric rewards for exaggerating risks and creating fear. The result is gross policy errors we will all pay for over many decades. Don't miss this show!

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Dr. Patrick Newman on Cronyism in America

02/12/2021Mises Media

You will never see the American colonies, revolution, Constitution, or great men like Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson the same way after reading this book. Dr. Patrick Newman joins Jeff Deist for a preview. 

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Rothbard's Case Against the Fed

02/05/2021Mises Media

End the Fed starts with understanding the Fed, and Rothbard's The Case Against the Fed is vital for any lay reader. Mark Thornton and Jeff Diest examine Rothbard's best book on money and banking.

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Rothbard's America's Great Depression

Tags Book ReviewsBooms and BustsU.S. HistoryAustrian Economics OverviewMonetary Theory
01/29/2021Mises Media

Professor Jonathan Newman joins the show for a look at America's Great Depression, Rothbard's classic explanation of a terrible period in US history.  It can happen here, and it can happen again, if Rothbard's counsel goes unheard.

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Scott Horton on His New Book Enough Already

01/23/2021Mises Media

Scott Horton joins Jeff Deist for a sobering look at American hubris overseas, along with the blowback and destruction it causes. You don't want to miss this conversation.

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