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Peter St. Onge is a Mises Institute Associated Scholar and an Economic Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.  St. Onge received his PhD from George Mason University and was a 2014 Mises Institute Research Fellow. For more content from Dr. St. Onge, subscribe to his newsletter where he writes about Austrian economics and bitcoin. 

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Is China's Economy Hitting a Roadbump or Quicksand?

Booms and BustsEconomic PolicyGlobal EconomyOther Schools of Thought

08/25/2023Mises Media
Peter St. Onge joins Bob to discuss the contrast in leadership between Xi Jinping and Deng Xiaoping, the dollar as global reserve currency, the Belt and Road Initiative, and Jim Rogers' prediction that the 21st century would belong to the Chinese empire.
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China Enters the Doom Loop

Booms and BustsGlobal Economy


China's authoritarian gerontocracy has built a Doom Loop with Chinese characteristics, with over half the economy now crashing.

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Voters Hate CBDCs. Why Do Governments Keep Pushing Them?

PoliticsThe Police StateMoney and Banking


Why do governments keep pushing CBDCs when voters hate them? Simple: CBDCs are irresistible to governments, who would dearly love to monitor and control every dollar you spend and every word you speak.

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The Fed's "Hawkish Pause" and the Politics of CBDCs with Peter St. Onge

Central BanksThe FedMoney and Banks

06/15/2023Mises Media
On this episode of Good Money with Tho Bishop , Peter St Onge joins the show to discuss this week's Fed announcement and what it means to normal Americans.
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Fear-Mongering Over the Debt Ceiling

Monetary PolicyTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

05/26/2023Mises Media
Heritage Fellow Peter St. Onge joins Bob to set the record straight on several popular talking points about the debt ceiling.
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