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Gabriel Calzada on Free-Market Education in Latin America

Gabriel Calzada on Mises Weekends
Gabriel Calzada Alvarez Jeff Deist

Fifteen years ago Gabriel Calzada was a Fellow at the Mises Institute who aspired to bring the Spanish Scholastics‘ tradition of liberty to Latin America. Today he is president of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, the truly remarkable private school in Guatemala. All students at UFM, regardless of major, take a core curriculum in libertarian thought. The board of directors and almost all professors are entrepreneurs rather than academics. And UFM’s charter provides the freedom to experiment and think outside the box, resulting in projects like a business cycle observatory and MOOCs (massive open online course) on subjects like Don Quixote. If you’re interested in what entrepreneurial education grounded in free-market economics can look like, don’t miss this interview.