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Gabriel Calzada Alvarez is president of Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He was a Mises Institute Research Fellow, and founder of the Instituto Juan de Mariana. He frequently appears on television broadcasts and has written for publications including Libertad Digital, the Spanish Herald, Expanses, Mises Daily, The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Procesos de Mercados, La Ilustracion Liberal, and Canarias Liberal.

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Gabriel Calzada on Free-Market Education in Latin America


11/24/2017Mises Media
Jeff Deist and Gabriel Calzada discuss what entrepreneurial education grounded in free-market economics can look like.
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Book Review: Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital

Austrian Economics Overview

07/30/2014The Journal of Libertarian Studies
In this article, Gabriel Calzada Álvarez offers a review of Hernando de Soto's The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else .


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Salamanca: Origins of the Austrian School

History of the Austrian School of Economics

10/14/2011Mises Media
Presented in Vienna, Austria, on 19 September 2011. Includes an introduction by Douglas E. French.
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De Soto's Embrace of the State

Private Property

05/11/2004Mises Daily Articles
Hernando de Soto says that the poor need property rights but he provides no theoretical grounding for such rights, writes Gabriel Calzada.
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