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The Myth of America's "Stingy" Welfare State

Decentralization and SecessionTaxes and Spending

With welfare, the US outspends Canada and Australia, and is on a par with Switzerland. On government healthcare, the US outspends nearly everyone.
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Lack of Police Accountability Shows the "Social Contract" Isn't Working

Legal SystemTaxes and Spending

Ryan McMaken discusses how government agents and agencies are often not held accountable for their actions.
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Stop Blaming Mexican Violence on American Guns

Legal SystemWorld History

Ryan McMaken discusses the rising homicide rate in Mexico, and addresses the argument that most illegal guns in Mexico are from the United States.
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Security Works at Disney — But Can't Work at a Public School?

Legal SystemTaxes and SpendingU.S. History

Ryan McMaken discusses issues surrounding public school security measures in response to school shootings — and addresses some arguments made against increasing security.
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