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Joseph Solis-Mullen

A graduate of Spring Arbor University, J.S. Mullen is a current graduate student in the political science department at the University of Illinois. An author and blogger, his work can be found at

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The Belt and Road Initiative: A Spending Project with Domestic Political Origins

02/04/2021Power & Market
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What the Literature Actually Reveals about Raising the Minimum Wage

01/12/2021Power & Market
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The Problem with Universal Suffrage

05/11/2020Power & Market

Should minors be able to vote? They don’t pay income taxes; many don’t work, and most are dependent on others. But that describes many adult voters as well.

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Finally Kicking the GDP Habit

Philosophy and Methodology

04/24/2020Mises Media
GDP is fine for counting things like washing machines. But it is quite useless for counting other basic indicators of the quality of life.
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MMT and Central Banking

04/23/2020Power & Market
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