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Is There Such a Thing as Austrian Investing?

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01/07/2009Sterling T. Terrell

Equity markets have collapsed in value, bond yields are off, real-estate markets are (in many places) in a state of disarray, monetary devaluation through government inflation is a constant dilemma, bailouts occur weekly, and wars and rumors of wars seem to lurk in the distance. Investing of any sort is enough to make one's stomach turn in times such as these. The hole in the backyard and that spot between the mattresses keeps looking better and better, writes Sterling T. Terrell.

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Sterling T. Terrell

Sterling Terrell is a freelance writer who writes on commodities, economics, public policy, and culture for various public outlets. His articles have been published by Cotton Grower Magazine, Taki's Magazine, and American Thinker, among others. He publishes at SterlingTerrell.net.