Sterling T. Terrell

Sterling Terrell is a freelance writer who writes on commodities, economics, public policy, and culture for various public outlets. His articles have been published by Cotton Grower Magazine, Taki’s Magazine, and American Thinker, among others. He publishes at

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Mises Daily Sterling T. Terrell
The burgeoning economy of Mauritius stands out by being ranked 12th by the Heritage Foundation on their 2011 Index of Economic Freedom — just below Chile and just above Luxembourg. The index ranks nations based on freedom in categories such as business, taxes, money, finance, and labor.
Mises Daily Sterling T. Terrell
I just walked through the house, and now I’m looking around the breakfast room where I type. One thing is certain: I have a lot of stuff. Last week, I helped one of my best friends move. As it turns...