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Saifedean Ammous on Bitcoin Hype

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08/16/2018Saifedean H. AmmousJeff Deist

It turns out the best book on Bitcoin was written by someone who thinks the cryptocurrency is not a particularly good form of payment, not particularly anonymous, and not a good investment for most people. Saifedean Ammous, professor of economics at Lebanese American University, wrote The Bitcoin Standard to cut through the hype and examine crypto technology through a rigorous Austrian lens. The result is a phenomenal book: pro-gold, pro-Mises, and optimistic about the crypto revolution's goal of creating truly private money.

This is the guy you should listen to when it comes to Bitcoin. He sits down with Jeff Deist for a thorough and entertaining interview.

Saifedean Ammous on Bitcoin Hype

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Saifedean H. Ammous

Saifedean Ammous is Assistant Professor of Economics in the Adnan Kassar School of Business at the Lebanese American University. He is the author of The Bitcoin Standard.

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Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute. He previously worked as chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, and as an attorney for private equity clients. Contact: email; Twitter.

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