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Ronni Stöferle on Why Gold Still Matters

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07/27/2018Ronald-Peter StöferleJeff Deist

Even many libertarians dismiss gold and precious metals as irrelevant in the global monetary system. Ben Bernanke famously told Ron Paul that gold is a commodity, not money. So why do central banks still hold so much of it, Ron asked? Good question.

Ronni Stöferle from Incrementum AG joins Jeff Deist to talk about everything related to gold: why it's still money, how it might react to rising interest rates, why the IMF still worries about it, and why so much of it seems to be flowing from West to East. You won't want to miss his analysis of why gold and precious metals are complementary assets with respect to cryptocurrencies, and his call for both camps to join forces and promote Hayek's goal of denationalizing money.

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Ronald-Peter Stöferle

Ronald-Peter Stöferle is managing partner and fund manager at Incrementum AG, Liechtenstein. He invests using the principles of the Austrian school of economics.

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