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Ronald-Peter Stöferle is Managing Partner and Fund manager at Incrementum AG, based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The company focusses on asset management and wealth management and is one hundred percent owned by its partners. Ronald manages a fund that invests based on the principles of the Austrian School of Economics.

Before becoming partner at Incrementum, he worked in the research department of Vienna-based Erste Group, where he started writing about gold in 2006. He gained media attention when he forecast that the price of gold would rise to USD 2,300/ounce at a time when the price was only at USD 500. His nine benchmark reports entitled "In GOLD we TRUST" draw international coverage and are read all over the world.  He is a lecturer at the academy of the Vienna Stock Exchange as well as at the Institute for value based economics. In 2014, he co-authored a book on investing based on the Austrian School of Economics. The English version of the book “Austrian School for Investors – Austrian Investing between Inflation and Deflation” was published in fall 2015.

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