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Ralph Raico: Liberalism Defined

Ralph Raico (1936–2016)

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12/30/2016Ralph RaicoJeff Deist

Our last show for 2016 is bittersweet, featuring a lecture by our great friend and Senior Fellow Ralph Raico. Dr. Raico, who died earlier this month, was an intellectual giant known for his brilliant — and often revisionist — understanding of history.

Speaking at Mises University in 2009, Dr. Raico delivered a witty and razor-sharp exposition of what liberalism really means. We know you'll find it worthwhile to spend an hour during this holiday weekend with the great mind of Ralph Raico.

Note: The views expressed on are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

Ralph Raico

Ralph Raico (1936–2016) was professor emeritus in European history at Buffalo State College and a senior fellow of the Mises Institute. He was a specialist on the history of liberty, the liberal tradition in Europe, and the relationship between war and the rise of the state. He is the author of The Place of Religion in the Liberal Philosophy of Constant, Tocqueville, and Lord Acton.

A bibliography of Ralph Raico's work, compiled by Tyler Kubik, is found here.

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