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Bob Higgs: War is the Master Key of the State

Bob Higgs on Mises Weekends

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08/07/2015Robert HiggsJeff Deist

This weekend we feature part of a talk by our old friend Dr. Robert Higgs, a longtime Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute and libertarian stalwart. Bob, author of the famous Crisis and Leviathan, recently spoke at Mises University on the critical topic of war and the growth of the state. He considers war the "master key" that enables government to grow in size, scope, and power. This poignant speech is not to be missed by anyone who cares about peace and liberty.

Note: The views expressed on are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

Robert Higgs

Dr. Robert Higgs is retired and lives in Mexico. He was a senior fellow in political economy for the Independent Institute and longtime editor of The Independent Review; he was also a senior fellow of the Mises Institute. He is the 2007 recipient of the Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the Cause of Liberty, and the 2015 Murray N. Rothbard Medal of Freedom.

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