War, Economy, and State

The West Is Losing Interest in Ukrainian Victory

War, Economy, and State Podcast
Ryan McMaken Zachary Yost

Many signs are now emerging that NATO and the West are slowly withdrawing support from Ukraine in its war with Russia. How much longer can the war continue? 

Recommended Reading

“Intercept of German generals planning Taurus strike on Crimean bridge”: Mises.org/WES_19_A

“Army aims to double 155mm shell production by October” by Sam Skove Mises.org/WES_19_B

“The deception behind America’s support for Ukraine” by Malcom Kyeyune: Mises.org/WES_19_C

“Draft-dodging plagues Ukraine as Kyiv faces acute soldier shortage” by Jamie Dettmer: Mises.org/WES_19_D

Remarks by Jake Sullivan and Andriy Yermak in Press Conference: Mises.org/WES_19_E

“Biden’s adviser did not mention regaining territories when talking about conditions for Ukraine’s victory”: Mises.org/WES_19_F

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