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Murray Sabrin’s New Book on Escaping Medical Fascism

The Human Action Podcast
Jeff Deist Murray Sabrin

On the heels of Biden’s vaccine mandate announcement, Dr. Murray Sabrin joins the show to discuss his new book on escaping the state’s medical fascism. Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life lays out the sobering reality of our unsustainable “health care” system. It explains the ruinous policies which changed doctors from respected guardians of patients to functionaries for government and third party insurance companies—and the unsustainability of our current path. But the book also shows us the way out. The model for market medicine is simple enough: patients pay cash for basic services, have high-deductible catastrophic insurance for emergencies (priced according to actuarial realities), while charitable hospitals and clinics serve the truly poor and indigent.

Heroic entrepreneurial doctors already operate in this cash-only marketplace, and Sabrin’s book gives us a road map for delivering better and cheaper medical care to millions of Americans.

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