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Trump’s 6/24 Executive Order: A Turning Point for Direct Primary Care?

The Accad & Koka Report
Michel Accad, MD Anish Koka

President Trump’s June 24, 2019, Executive Order on health care transparency contains a key provision regarding direct primary care. Koka and Accad welcome back on the show Dr. Lee Gross, a family physician in North Port, Florida, and a pioneer and a leader in the DPC movement. 

Dr. Gross and colleagues were instrumental in getting the White House to clarify a prior ambiguity regarding how direct primary care membership fees ought to be considered from a tax standpoint. Dr. Gross discusses this effort and the implications for the growth of the direct care movement.

Dr. Gross is a health care consultant to physician practices, medical organizations, insurance groups, hospitals, and private businesses. He founded and serves as President of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, and he is chairman of a new lobbying organization called DPC Action.