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Union Diplomacy, Part 1: Fountains of Discontent

Introduction to the Civil War

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10/31/2018Chris Calton

Season 3, Episode 29. Even before taking office, Secretary of State William Seward had a history of making threatening statements toward Britain. After the war began, he continued to make one diplomatic faux pas after another, worrying Britain enough that they started sending troops to Canada in preparation for a possible war with the United States.

Chris Calton recounts the controversial history of the Civil War. This is the 29th episode in the third season of Historical Controversies. You may support this podcast financially at Mises.org/SupportHC.

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Chris Calton

Chris Calton is a 2018 Mises Institute Research Fellow and an economic historian. He is writer and host of the Historical Controversies podcast.

See also his YouTube channel here.

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