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Six Months that Changed the World

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07/28/2005John V. Denson

John V. Denson discusses the world-changing events that happened between January and June 1919: disastrous decisions that resulted in creating a platform for Hitler to rise in Germany, the Second World War, and beyond. Three men were responsible for these events: Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau of France and David Lloyd George of the UK. John Denson views WWI and WWII as a single war with an interim pause.

Presented as part of the Mises Institute's Summer Seminar Series on July 20, 2005 in Auburn, Alabama.


John V. Denson

John V. Denson is Distinguished Scholar in History and Law at the Mises Institute. He is a practicing attorney in Alabama and the editor of two books, The Costs of War and Reassessing the Presidency, and the author of A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt.

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