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Rothbard on Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

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07/09/2021Jeff DeistTho BishopRyan McMaken

Murray Rothbard's seminal 1965 essay "Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty" reads every bit as well today as it did 50 years ago. Rothbard defines liberalism and conservatism against the backdrop of the European Old Order, and skewers the incoherence of both in their modern forms. This brief work, steeped in history and full of optimism, shows Rothbard as a careful and strategic thinker about ideological and political movements. editors Tho Bishop and Ryan McMaken join the show to explain the tremendous descriptive power of this essay, and why we need Rothbard as much as Burnham, Machiavelli, or Sun Tzu when it comes to strategy. 

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"Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty":


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