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Pre-Fascist Italy: Tax and Borrow and Spend

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04/22/2011John T. Flynn

The balanced budget passed away definitely in 1911, not to return again until a revolution had swept from the people of Italy their freedom, writes John T. Flynn (1882–1964).

This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Nathaniel Foote.


John T. Flynn

John T. Flynn was a journalist, author, and master polemicist of the Old Right. He started out as a liberal columnist for that flagship of American liberalism, the New Republic, and wound up on the Right, denouncing "creeping socialism." What is unusual about Flynn is that instead of being seduced by the New Deal and the Popular Front into supporting the war, Flynn was led by his thoroughgoing antiwar stance to challenge the developing state worship of modern liberalism. Flynn's essential insight — that the threat to America is not to be found in any foreign capitol, but in Washington, D.C.