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Dr. Yoram Hazony on Liberalism, Nationalism, and Globalism

Dr. Yoram Hazony on Mises Weekends

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11/02/2018Yoram HazonyJeff Deist

Dr. Yoram Hazony's new book The Virtue of Nationalism asks several provocative questions: are nation-states necessarily illiberal? Are globalism and universalism inevitable? If so, why do we blithely assume a post-national world will be liberal and benign? Are movements toward supranational governance, always ordered around western political conceptions, a new form of imperialism? And what does history teach us about ordering human affairs to best ensure prosperity, peace, and human flourishing?

Ludwig von Mises—quoted in the book—asked these questions almost a century ago in Liberalism, and they're every bit as relevant today in the age of Trump. Dr. Hazony joins Jeff Deist for a compelling interview.

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Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony is president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, and is the author of The Virtue of Nationalism. He holds a BA in East Asian Studies from Princeton University and a PhD in Political Theory from Rutgers University.

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