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Charles Hugh Smith: The US Healthcare Debacle

Charles Hugh Smith on Mises Weekends

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10/15/2015Charles Hugh Smith

Jeff Deist and Charles Hugh Smith discuss the absurdly anti-market healthcare system in the US, which has been captured both by regulators and insurance lobbyists. Why do US consumers tolerate not knowing what drugs and procedures really cost? What will it take to allow market pricing in medicine? Will the best and brightest continue to shun medical school in an age of Obamacare? And will the market overcome the system, through cash-only clinics, concierge care arrangements, and medical tourism? If you're outraged by what the state has done to the profession of medicine, stay tuned for great interview.

See Smith's article The New Shackle of Serfdom: Clinging to Healthcare Insurance.

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Charles Hugh Smith

Charles Hugh Smith is a contributing editor to and the proprietor of the popular blog He is the author of numerous books, including Why Everything Is Falling Apart: An Unconventional Guide To Investing In Troubled Times.