AERC 2022

Wilson, Waldo, Woke CEOs, and Ways Forward

EducationMedia and CultureStrategy

03/22/2022Mises Media
The Murray N. Rothbard Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Steven and Cassandra Torello.
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The Looming Threat of a National Breakup

Decentralization and SecessionDemocracyU.S. History

03/25/2022Mises Media
The F.A. Hayek Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Greg and Joy Morin.
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The Persistent Problem of Objective Value

Philosophy and MethodologySubjectivism

03/28/2022Mises Media
The Lou Church Memorial Lecture, sponsored by The Lou Church Foundation.
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Left Thought Collective: One Hundred Years of the Socialist Commonwealth

Media and CultureSocialism

03/30/2022Mises Media
The Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Dr. Don Printz.
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